Saturday, October 25, 2014

Chicken Nesting Box Station in DIY Style

I finally got around to making my egg nesting station for the chickens.  I enjoy my garden quail but I also raise chickens for the purpose of extreme bug control, eggs and meat.  I picked a dual purpose breed the Buff Orpington and so far I'm pretty happy, they have a nice peaceful attitude while they wonder the farm free ranging day after day. 

Today I'm sharing this project DIY style; if you like it hopefully you can easily implement it to your own homestead.  This was a fun afternoon where building lasted a couple hours allowing me to use up unwanted seed trays and left over supplies from the farm making this a no expense project.  I love that! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Growing Successfully in the Covered Raised Bed

Earlier this year I introduced you all to the Covered Raised Bed.  Some of you may have seen me build them at the Fall Texas Home and Garden Show in Fort Worth?  Many have asked what they're like to plant in and today I'm sharing the planting side of the covered raised bed.  My original reason for implementing this concept was to keep the chickens from eating my plants and it worked perfectly.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday with a Twist #81

This weeks feature is from Making it in the Mountains; she mixed burlap and lace to create a really nice table runner.  I love the mix of natural and detail together it really looks great on her farm table.  If table runners aren't your thing you could implement this skill to making place mats.  Hope you take a moment to click over to see her instructions and remember to link up  and find something new to read.  Have a great Tuesday Everyone!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Quail Sanctuary = Open House

A couple weekends ago I went to the zoo with my teenagers and we had a great visit.  I was fascinated by a couple places. One was the giraffes because their heads are so unique, next came the penguins; they're simply cute, and then came the bird sanctuary.  This is where my imagination ran wild.  It was incredible to stand inside the netted area and watch the activity.  They had several breeds flying about and then I began thinking of the quail and decided if I expanded their living environment I could learn more.  I enjoy sitting and studying their behavior it's an interesting, detailed experience.