Sunday, January 25, 2015

Giveaway = Luffa Sponges + Seeds

We have tried many things on our little farm and Luffa was probably the most interesting experience of all.  In the beginning we grew these sponges on a small scale.  This transformed into something grand with big plans until we found out our old well collapsed last spring.  We decided to table our plans and just grow for ourselves.  We found Luffa to be a fantastic addition for the home helping us to live a little greener. Luffa Sponges grow on a vine that you have to replant every season; no they don't grow in the ocean.  These sponges are fantastic for exfoliation but did you know they're also perfect for washing dishes, cleaning dirty surfaces, my favorite washing farm animal containers, crafts and the list goes on.   Did you also know they're 100% green? You can recycle them back into the soil after the scrubbers dull.  Say good-bye to synthetic sponges and use all natural Luffa.  Today's giveaway comes straight from our little farm to the comfort of your home.  I'm giving away some of our harvested seeds and sponges.  Are you ready to win?  This Giveaway will have seven winners - Read all the details below - Entering is about having fun and learning more!

Little Note:  These Luffa sponges are 100% all natural - even through harvesting!
More information about Luffa can be found on my Home and Garden Page

 photo 80b356f8-68cc-4d9e-8b69-5ad63d879b36_zpsb659f36e.png

The First Two Winners Receive:
4 Luffa Sponges + Seeds w/Planting Instructions
The Following Five Winners Receive:
 Luffa Seeds w/Planting instructions.

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Winners will be announced here and on Facebook
This Friday, January 30th

Super Important!
**Winners have 24 hours to accept their prize.**
- This is a USA Giveaway only - 

Thank you for Participating!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Rooting Roses without Root Hormone

Last fall before the frost arrived I was cleaning up the garden and noticed some of my roses were out of control, so I trimmed them back.  I was going to burn the limbs until a memory surfaced to a time when grandma was planting rose cuttings from her yard.  She had pink roses bushes planted everywhere. They remind me of simplicity roses except the blooms were smaller with fewer petals. This one day she was explaining how to root new roses and how this little technique can expand your plants without having to spend a lot of money to make your yard look nice.  I was probably 10 years old and really never dreamed of ever owning a home, out of respect I embraced this lesson hoping when we finished there would be a snack break afterwards.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Feeding the Birds

A couple summers ago a friend was moving out of state and downsizing at the same time.  She had these two wonderful bird baths for sale and I quickly snagged them up.  I'm often reminded of this friend whenever I walk into the garden and see this bird bath; the other one sits in our front yard. She's awesome and thankfully through Facebook we're still able to keep in touch.  I tell you though there are times I'd like to close my account because I'm not sure if social networks at the best use of my time, it is fun though to keep in contact with friends who have moved on.

The blue ceramic dish is something fun my mom sent me awhile back.  I couldn't really find a use for it in the house and because I spend more time outdoors I decided it would make a great feeder for the birds in conjunction with the bath.  Sometimes I fill it with water during the summer because helping the birds cool off is fun to watch.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sheep Fertilizer Perks

Any chance I can share my sheep is a moment of joy. I have a growing flock of 10 and I'm praying for ewe lambs this spring.  The first set of lamb twins was delivered by Snow White earlier this month.  I refer to them as the wonder twins because the cold doesn't bother them a bit.  They're a hoot and this pair loves to jump.

I raise Jacob Sheep for fertilizer, fiber, hides and meat.  If I was completely honest the enjoyment of raising Jacob Sheep rises above the self reliant benefits. I love this breed; it was my husband who introduced them to me about four years ago.  It took me awhile to embrace their beauty and it started with this one and her name is Granny.