Jun 6, 2014

Rose Gardening with Dolly Sarrio from Hibiscus House

I'm excited to Welcome Dolly Sarrio 
from Hibiscus House.

Hello Everybody!  I was honored to be asked to guest post on Carole @ Garden Up Green.  I really like Carole's blog.  

Do you like to garden?  I think I was born with my hands in the dirt and a shovel in my hand.  My Mama “Dot” was an avid gardener and a lot of my memories were of her out in the flower or vegetable gardens.  She loved it and instilled that love in her children.  She also instilled in me the love of cooking. 

Do you have a favorite flower?  I guess mine are roses.  They can be troublesome things at least some of the varieties are.  I love the look of Hybrid Teas but hate the amount of work they seem to demand.  The old rose varieties and own root roses are becoming my favorites when it comes to caring for them.

Years and years ago my sister gave me a little rooting of a white rose that she had climbing on a fence.  I fell in love with that rose.  It has moved with me through three homes.  I now have it at Hibiscus House and it never stops amazing me.  You can see this rose at my White Rose Tour. 

Paul Zimmerman a wonderful rose expert and author told me this is a Climbing Iceberg.  That brings up another subject his book is a wonderful tool to help you in the way you think about rose gardening.  The title is EverydayRoses by Paul Zimmerman.  

This book has made me think about rose growing in a whole new way!  While you are on his site look around for some great gardening advice.  He inspired me to go with more of the substantial old rose varieties and the own root roses.  Here is a link pertaining to Planting own root roses that you might find helpful: Planting Own Root Roses

So many people have asked me, “How do you get your roses to grow like that?”  I have only one thing to say at least about this white rose; Not much!  I trim back the dead of course and when this full bloom is over they will drop leaves from exhaustion I think.

I give them a little cleanup and a huge cut back after this bloom; that is about it.  I have given them this year some of my friend Annie Haven’s Alfalfa Moo Poo Tea for fertilizer and I would advise all of you to get some because it is a completely natural way to give your roses what they need to flourish.

Annie Haven - www.ManureTea.com

Mulch is a subject that I have gone around and around with in my gardens.  I have used the bark which looks tailored and nice.

 I've had problems with that because it molds and insects seem to love it out here. Living in South Carolina we have an abundance of pine straw so that is what I have gone back to time and time again.  I did a post not long ago of having some delivered here,  I buy in bulk.  Do you buy in bulk?  I’d like to share this post: Pine Straw by the Truckload.

I’m working on some ideas about the gardens I want to put in here at Hibiscus House.  I envision a secret garden enclosed, surrounded by beautiful lush evergreen trees and shrubs.  I can just imagine walking into this garden and hopefully standing in amazement looking around at all the beauty.

Excuse me for a moment I went into garden la la land..  I want of course a water or I should say more water features. Do you have water features in your gardens?  I love to hear the trickle of water it is so relaxing and peaceful.  Do you like Koi fish?  Oh and think of the water plants we can add to those ponds.

I love the fact that gardening is always a work in progress, no matter how many years or gardens. You can always find something interesting to add, change and grow!

Thank you Carole for inviting me over to your wonderful gardening spot!

Please feel free to visit me anytime.
I guess I’ll leave you now with happy gardening thoughts!

(I’d like to add a note:  The books and products that I recommend on this post are not paid advertisements. 
I like to let people know of products and ideas that I find work and would be of value to others.)