Aug 9, 2014

Fall Beans + New Up Structure!

My fall gardening plans continue with this raised bed that I established back in the spring.  It's been composted and sitting growing a nice assortment of weeds and after each rain I clean it out for only more to grow.  I add manure about twice a year from our farm animals; it offers amazing results.  The draw back with animal manure is it carries weed seeds.  These weeds in the picture are Johnson grass plugs that come from nearby pastures when my sheep and llamas lean over into the neighboring pastures for a snack.  It took about an hour to clean out this bed and as long as the soil is moist the weed pulling really isn't as bad as it looks.

I decided to take this raised bed and relocate my rebar bean structure from the spring.  It was originally directly in the ground where those two stacked tires are to the left.   When everything was moved and weeded the space was ready for rows and beans.  That bucket of weeds will just get filled into a low spot somewhere on the farm.

Planting Dates
I realize not everybody has two growing seasons to see if you do I have a link from the farmer's almanac you might find useful.  I have it set to Dallas but you can easily put in your location to see what your planting schedule is.  2014 Almanac Planting Schedule  That's a great link you'll have to remember to bookmark it.

I'm kicking back with my fall planting; getting up early or going out later in the evening when temperatures are cooler. Instead of trying to tackle everything in one day I've decided to make fall gardening an enjoyable process.  Once I get everything planted I'll do a garden tour post later in September.

Raised Bed Planted
Rows are ready and lined up to the edge.  I was able to plant a nice quantity of seeds and hopefully have a better crop than what I harvested from my spring planting.  I still haven't decided what will go in the center; I'm thinking maybe beets because I could make healthy chips to eat during the winter months.  Do you have any ideas?

The beans are planted and later I'll be tackling the cucumber structure next.  Things need to be cleaned out and replanted in that up structure.  What fun Garden Up structures did you create this garden season?  Let's talk about it and see if together we can come up with some neat ideas.

 photo Picture3_zpsqnrboeja.png