Putting Things Together – Rust, Enamel and Memories

One of the things I enjoy as I tinker around our farm is the opportunity to put things together.  This normally turns out as an element of surprise because I like creating a presentation in the spear of the moment.

This little space is in the front of the house next to a white table and chair set where I often kick back after a long day outside.  This space is a combination of rust, enamel and memories.

Prior to moving in the country I never liked rust, I had the impression that if it was rusty it was time to retire.  When I was given my grandma’s garden shovel I started to think otherwise; her shovel told a story which brought back some neat memories.

She used her shovel as she traveled through her yard for years and I always wanted one just like it. This shovel was dual purpose where some days it was a cane and others it was used to dig, you have to love that.

Adding Different Elements

The white chair was a fun find that I painted white so I could use it as a focal point.  Rust continues with barrel rings and a milk jug to accent the shovel.

The white enamel pots were more fun finds to complement the chair and allow me to add green plants/ I grew up with enamel ware from my grandma’s house; the bright white lightens up the space and screams welcome.

Once everything is in place I picked a combination of clearance plants for an added pop of color.

Barrel Rings

I love these rings I interlocked them by hand because they’re the same size and hold their position rather well.  The potted plant helps stabilize things as this is an active area where the chickens love to come and visit.


When creating a space it’s important to embrace the sight of obstacle and turn them into a positive.  My biggest obstacles would be the dogs, cat and chickens.

For this reason I like to make sure everything is placed in a firm position so I have little clean up when the animals are out and about.

I’ve been enjoying this display, it really brightened up the front of our home and sparks neat memories.  I like memories that remind me to keep moving forward.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Carole I love planting things in containers. I picked up an oblong cement planter yesterday and put black eyed susans in it and it is beautiful. I have an old wagon full of geraniums and two large concrete urns with pine trees in them. I love what you have done with your "rusty" things, please keep sharing.

    1. Your planters sound wonderful, I love hearing what others are doing and it sounds like you have some great ideas. You know I'll keep sharing – it's what I do and it's just fun! We had a cold front and rain so stay tuned because next week I'm sharing what I did with mint. Have a Great weekend! -Carole

  2. Love this garden vignette, Carole! I'll be featuring it tomorrow at the Creative Ways Link Party! Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Thank you, I'll get this post linked up later today! Hope you're enjoying the last of summer, always nice to hear from you! -Carole

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