The Farmers Centerpiece

Life on the farm is a little different than life in the suburbs.  I’ve discovered when you work physically hard you seem to enjoy a more simple lifestyle.  Leisure time can be limited and there are continuous moments of adventure.

When we find time to kick back the time is spent laughing and enjoying what’s before us.  There is always a moment of feeling thankful regardless of the time of year.

We recently celebrated an early Thanksgiving dinner served with grandma’s china and Mason jar glasses.  If she was here today, I’m not sure if she would have laughed or say, “Carole you know better!”  She was the queen of a beautifully arranged table decked out with best of everything.

The thing is I loved the china and mason jars together, the setting was perfect and it got me thinking about what a farmer’s centerpiece would look like.  Or would they even have one?

Well I guess I’m a farmer so let me share what I would do in a pinch if I needed something fun for a festive centerpiece.

It would start with a box; we all know I love to build boxes of all shapes and sizes.  There’s just so much you can do with them.   I jazzed this box up with a stencil to match the farm sign.

Then I headed to the garden to see what was still available.  Can you believe we still haven’t had our first freeze? The selection wasn’t fantastic, between the zinnias, mint, mums and a few roses.  I was off to clip some wonderful for our Mason jar farmers centerpiece.

After filling each jar with a little water I delicately placed the flowers in each jar and added a few blooms inside the box. This was so simple and it seemed the backyard picnic table became the perfect setting for this piece.


A Farmer’s Centerpiece would come from the heart; it would resemble their lifestyle and what they could find around their home to make the table special and inviting. The next time you share a special dinner with family and friends think about that farmer and bring a little simplicity into your life.


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