A Charlie Brown Christmas

Earlier this year in November my son and I went to see the Charlie Brown movie.  It was an enjoyable afternoon; I think we laughed more than anyone else in the entire theater. This movie was simplistic with a story line presenting a positive message.  It was refreshing and I was pleased to see the originality of Peanuts restored for all to enjoy.

As a kid Charlie Brown was my favorite, I watched all the movies and Sally reminded me of myself. When the Sunday paper arrived each week I went straight to that cartoon strip with anticipation.

Every Christmas I made sure to have a front row seat in our living room when the Charlie Brown Christmas special aired.  Year after year I watched, feeling like it was the first time viewing. This tradition continued with my own kids and this year before our son leaves for the military I said to him, “Hey how about one more Christmas kicked off with Charlie Brown?”

So there we sat before the house was decorated laughing and sharing the simplicity of Christmas.  It was fun and when it ended he said, “This year we must have a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.”

Thankfully we have several pine trees on our farm so finding the right branch was a breeze.  Next I built a little box out of scrap wood so I could easily place a vase inside for the branch.

Finding a Red ornament took a while but eventually I spotted one while browsing through a Christmas aisle in retail land.

Once we finished he said, “This is perfect and I believe the best Christmas tree we’ve ever had.”  He told me to just look at it, and then with joy he said again, it’s perfect. I’m reminded that Christmas is the time of year to find joy in the simple things around us.  Feeling blessed is the greatest gift we can receive.

Trust and Believe and May y’all have a Merry Christmas!


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