Natural Fiber Candle Wreath

Christmas with candles is a must; there is something about a burning flame that represents the light of hope.  I love candles and find them essential year round, especially if they have a wonderful fragrance.

Some years ago I got hooked on the candles at Bath and Body Works.  I don’t really know why because everything else in that store gives me a headache.  So about 3 times a year I sneak in for that perfect scent buy a couple three wicks and say so long till next time.

This year since I’ve been going a little wild with Sheep fiber, I thought it would be fun to see what kind of candle wreath I could come up with.

I have this huge bag of washed sheep fiber and for each project I begin with a bunch where I slowly stretch and pull out any possible debris before applying.

Our pastures are pretty clean so this is a quick process.  I keep thinking that bag of fiber should be shrinking but it’s still full.

Making the Candle Wreath

I used foam board for shaping the wreath and then covered the top and sides with fiber using craft glue.

Adding the elements was fun; I used natural twine ribbon, bobwhite quail wings, emu feathers, pine cones and berries from a wreath I received last year.

Assembly for these elements involved floral wire for the bow and lots of hot glue.  Surprisingly this was a quick project, the most time consuming part was adding the fiber.

Bringing a little bit of the farm indoors this season has been more fun than I could have ever imagined.  It’s possible my creative spirit has been given a new direction this winter.

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