Reclaimed Wood Sign – Hot Cocoa Served Here!

When the seasons change I like to make a new project for the front entrance to our home.  Since Christmas is here it was time to come up with something new.

Last year we enjoyed a very green Christmas tree,that was fun but it was time for something new and fresh. When the season ends I donate the majority of these projects to a local resale shop, it’s kind of a fun thing to pass on projects.

Today’s piece is a little different because some of the reclaimed wood is from a wooden table I purchased the day before my brother died, which was the last day we spent together.

This was years ago and over time the table weakened.  I finally took it apart and slowly began using the wood in new projects.  This sign is a keeper!

Supplies List and Get Started

I used my chop saw to cut the wood according to stencil measurements. After sorting the wood I decided to make a hot cocoa sign because I don’t drink coffee much anymore.
Before I added the branches I lightly spray painted the flat wood white.  With my drill and a few screws I applied the wood branches from the back side. You’ll notice there are large drill holes in those sticks; I had to get a little inventive to cover that up.

Stenciling and Ribbon

I’m still learning and improving with this stencil thing; I think I finally figured out where I’m going wrong. This one did turn out better and my next project will continue on the path of improvement.

I love these stencils they’re so much fun and they match my personality.

For the sign hanger I first glued the ribbon and then used a couple screws and wood for additional support.

The ribbon is glued in place and tied off to cover those large holes.  Normally I would have skipped this step but it does seem to make the sign a little more festive.  What do you think?

That white chevron ribbon is kind of my theme this season.   I just love it!

Finally it’s finished “Christmas Blend Hot Cocoa” this sign is now placed outside near the front door for all to enjoy.

My favorite additions to the perfect cup of hot cocoa are simple, always use milk for the base, add a little vanilla ice cream and frozen raspberries right before serving.  If you come to visit hot cocoa is on the menu.


  1. This is so pretty, Carole! I love the infusion of nature into this one. It really brings out the trees!

    1. Carole says:

      Thanks it was a fun one – I’m getting ready to dream up some new ideas for Christmas this year. Think I might be onto something but I need to check out your shop one more time before settling on an idea. I’m loving the mix and matching you can do, it’s so fun!

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