Harvest Cosmos Seeds

How to Harvest Cosmos Seeds

Every season I make sure to collect seeds from my best plants.  Harvesting flower seeds is a quick process, it’s a matter of letting amazing buds come to pass.

Cosmos is a natural beauty, a free spirit and it’s one of my favorite go to stems for vase arrangements.

Cosmos doesn’t last long if you plant in the early spring because around July it begins to tire from heat exhaustion.  You may have a different experience if you’re further north in cooler planting zones.

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to let it all go; this was a sad day but it had to be done.

Before removing the plants from the ground I remembered to collect the dried buds I was saving for seeds.

Once the flower blooms you keep that bud on the stem and let it basically fizzle until it’s dried up. It’s during that final stage the seeds mature to complete the circle of life.

When the buds are dry cut them from the stem and bring indoors to completely dry for about another week.  It may not even take that long depending on their condition when you remove buds from the plant.

For more on harvesting all types of seeds check out my seed article right here.

Gathering the seed is tedious, I keep this task simple by removing the entire bud onto a plate and then gathering all the contents and placing in seed packets for next season.

With a few patience seeds can be gathered by going through and picking them out one by one, they’re dark brown, a strip of length and pretty delicate.

Make sure to label the seed envelope, this will be helpful when spring planting returns.

This little harvesting simple tip will help keep gardening expenses to a minimum and if you implement seed collecting from your garden.

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