Working with New Garden Tools

Working with New Garden Tools

I decided to simplify my hand tools because my next garden will involve higher raised beds, which mean less bending over.  Finding the right kind of garden tools isn’t always an easy task.

Working with New Garden Tools
This task led me to shopping online; I’ve been doing more of this lately because it’s not as overwhelming and actually saves me time.
I was looking for specific characteristics with this next set of hand tools.
  • They needed to be Strong
  • Include comfortable handles because I don’t wear gloves
  • Bright colored because the reality is I prefer my tools left in the garden
  • Finally they had to be rust proof

This led me to Amazon where I found Life Well garden tools.

They included the color GREEN that also caught my attention. After reading the reviews I went ahead and purchase because they covered everything I was looking for with a few additional perks like, handle holes so I can add string for hanging and measuring marks for direct seed planting.

My old hand tools which were still in good condition were given away when these new ones arrived. This new purchase led me to the garden so I could see if they met my expectations.

A few weeks ago I planted broccoli and cauliflower seeds.  They germinated quickly which meant I needed to get one of my covered fall beds weeded.

This raised bed was so dry, weeding efforts needed a little inspiration.

While my new hand tools sat nearby  I drenched this space with a good dose of water.  After several weeks of no water this bed received gallons of moisture.

I was feeling ambitious so I decided with this moist soil I may as well go ahead and transplant my seedlings.

Once the water settled it was time to get weeding and see what these tools could handle. I was most impressed with how comfortable they were, the second impression included me feeling pleased with the amount of pressure I could apply.

They’re very strong, no bending at all.  The weeds were gone in a matter of minutes and before I knew it all my plants were in the ground.

The next test was to see how easy they would be to clean because as you can see I’m a very messy gardener.  After placing in a bucket of water they were clean in a matter of minutes, another score!

The final step was to close the cover and smile at a job well done.  At this moment an emotion excitement filled the air to have found a medium size set of garden tools that can handle my work style.

Next up I’m looking for an everyday all in one medium size shovel.  If you have any suggestions please share in the comments. I want something strong and long lasting because I plan to use it throughout the rest of my gardening experiences.   Thank you!


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