THG Fall Dallas Show 2016

This weekend was my last Texas Home and Garden Workshop.  We did something a little different this time and filled the space with ongoing DIY projects.

These projects included stenciled signs and fabric mason jars.  For those of you who attended we used stencils from Old Sign Stencils and fabric swatches from Thistlewood Farms.

Five different stencils where present; participants mix and matched their design then learned how to stencil.  It was really neat to see so many fantastic signs leave the workshop.

Stencils Included

  • Homestead Blend Coffee
  • Flower and Farmers Market
  • Welcome to My Garden
  • Beach House

Board Sanding

These workshops were free, compliments of Texas Home and Garden.

Participants sanded their own board while waiting for their turn to stencil.  I love this part because everybody sanded their board to their liking.

“How to Stencil” was instructed by me and my awesome husband Robert helped fill in when things got hectic.

I was so glad he was there to help because we were really busy on Saturday and let’s just say life is more fun when Robert is present.

This cute couple made a coffee sign that was super fun.  They placed the word coffee to the left of the board and the cup was moved to the far right.  She finished with centering “served here” and added steam swirls above the cup and to the bottom left.

The Mason jar project was simple; we applied two fabric swatches to a jar that were held in place by packing string.  Beads were optional and every jar left with a beautiful combination.

These two experimented with the coffee and garden stencils, both signs turned out great.

I also brought my sign collection to purchase and view for additional ideas. some were sold, I gave a few to our guests and the rest were donated to Twice as Nice in Greenville.

These workshops started back in the fall of 2014.  The majority of our previous workshops included smaller building projects, they can be viewed here.

It’s been a fun experience and one that I’m thankful for the opportunity.  Working with Katie at Texas Home and Garden was a lot of fun; many of these ideas were inspired by a sweet conversation over the phone.

This weekend several people asked me where I can be found in the future.  I have to admit right now I’m going to take some time to play catch up and then plans for 2017 will be shared here on the blog and in my Monthly Newsletter.

If you’re interested in workshops send me a message because it’s possible I may do some right here on the farm.

You’re invited to subscribe and I promise you’ll enjoy all we do here.

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