Enjoying the Beauty of Quail

If you follow the blog you know that twice this summer the quail sanctuary was blessed with new life.  We had a few chicks hatch naturally in captivity and the experience was beyond amazing.  It was an opportunity to watch the adult quail in action and learn even more.

The young quail are around 8 weeks and look to me as their giant friend.  I’ve been able to pick them up and it doesn’t even phase them.

The goal was to let these few grow up and release them including the adults at our new land.  I really wanted to do that but time got away from me and it just didn’t happen.

The longer they stayed the more I enjoyed watching the process and to be honest the opportunity to learn more was starring me right in the eye.  Who could pass that up?

Well I couldn’t…. So I decided to let them stay until we move and take them with us.

Then a cold front came through with piercing temperatures in the low teens.  I set up their shelters so they were closer together and filled each one with hay and dried cypress.  It wasn’t until that last day that I noticed we lost one.  I can only assume he went off by himself.

His location wasn’t the best and I wondered why he left the others as the adults were doing an amazing job looking over everyone.   I have noticed that quail chicks are scatter brained; they take off from the flock all the time and unfortunately that doesn’t always end well.

The adult have been amazing and on guard all the time.  When its cold they puff up like balloons to stay warm and most of the time while they scout around the little ones are not far behind.  It won’t be long until they’re all the same size in preparation for a new journey.

This was just a little update post nothing outrageous to learn just me sharing the beauty of enjoying quail.  It never gets old and just wait until you see the building plans for the next quail sanctuary.  I hope to begin this project in January, one wall at a time.   Stay tuned!!

The Beauty of Enjoying Quail in Captivity


  1. Oh I am so sorry you lost one of your wee ones. I can only imagine what an amazing experience this is. Wishing you all the love, joy and peace of season as well as a very Happy New Year!

    1. Carole says:

      Hello Laura, have been enjoying your posts on Instagram. The loss of quail is just part of the process, you learn to just embrace it. This experience has been the best- love these little birds. Happy New Year to you!

  2. Jane says:

    Hi Carole, I know it is part of the process…but my heart sank a bit. I don’t think I’m cut out to be a farmer. You are admired and I love learning from you. The quail are a favorite!

    Merry Christmas

  3. Kim says:

    I have often dreamed of having enough property to raise animals. You are blessed to be a part of the process. Thanks so much for sharing it with those of us who cannot! 🙂

    1. Carole says:

      You’re welcome, I do love all that we do around here until I want to get away. I’m learning though that our place is kind of like a get away in a unique way.

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