Letting Go of Our Homestead

Letting go of a Homestead

When we decided to let go of our homestead we knew it was the right time.  The kids moved on and living here was no longer the same. This chapter was closing even if we weren’t ready for that to happen.  But here’s the thing…. Robert and I were ready…

When we moved to the country almost 8 years ago the goal was to teach our kids how to be self-reliant.  This was always the focus by offering them hands on experience and new skills necessary to survive this crazy world.  We also wanted them to know what it means to work…  I mean really work and leave here with a work ethic…

Laziness was never acceptable and when we worked as a family we could sense the growth and let’s just say it was impossible to keep up with Robert….  I’m still trying….

The home was an element of its own and we eventually finished our remodel but the house was never the center of our lives. Everything was focused on the land and the blessings it provided.   This is when I began to realize that a house is just a place to escape the weather. Fine furnishings and fancy things are nice to collect but the heart of everything is in the land.

We faced many highs, lows and disappointments; it was our faith that reminded us to enjoy each day.  Things like new baby chicks, the birth of a calf, or walking to the field being greeted by a new lamb and proud ewe we’re all blessings.  Sweet vegetables, large crops and pretty flowers growing in the garden were additional gifts and those famous mornings when we noticed the cows were out, we humbled ourselves to deal with the situation.

That’s what we did at our little homestead we unwrapped the blessings by doing more and working the land.

Wasn’t that fun?  Putting those pictures together reminded me how thankful I am for this experience and yes, this place changed our lives forever.  For one it was the foundation of Garden Up Green.  It’s possible this blog would have never surfaced otherwise.

It’s been said to me many times, it will be hard to let go.”  But the real honest answer is this… “No, it won’t because we’re done here.”  Sure, I may wipe away a tear as we leave through the green gates but as I’ve been shutting things down the last 8 months I’ve had time to say good-bye, time to make some big decisions and time to remember everything…

I’ve learned the countryside is where my heart heals, grows and where I attract inspiration.  This experience has taught us so much and now it’s time to move on further into the countryside so that next somebody can create their own stack of memories.

Letting go of our little homestead is a matter of making a decision and sticking with it.  It’s also a time to set new goals and take things to a greater level as we approach Quail Grove.  We’re going to do more and move forward each day…

Sometimes letting go can be a little scary and other times exhilarating. For Robert and I it’s very exhilarating and we’re just counting down the days.

Letting go of our little Homestead that inspired


  1. Patti says:

    Oh Carole, what a sweet video. How blessed you have been, and though it is bittersweet, I know that great things are in store for you and Robert. I really can’t wait to hear what happens next!

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Patti – it was fun putting together but here the thing that was only half of what we did… I told Robert… nobody would ever believe everything we accomplished in a short period of time. I’m excited too about what happens next… Thank you for your continued encouragement and wonderful comments.

  2. mickie mclaughlin says:

    Carole….Bittersweet is the perfect word to describe your transition from farm to Quail Grove. I loved the video and actually cried as I saw it. You, Robert and your family really transformed the farm. The animals that shared your space and time were gifts. I can’t imagine what the farm is like with no creatures left on it. Of course, your rich garden plots will remain and the new owners will reap the rewards when they plant “their” crops. You started out with a wonderful vision for the farm and I am sure we are in for a treat when you are actually living at Quail Grove.

    I am hoping you are not in the path of the hurricane that is now threatening Texas.

    1. Carole says:

      Bittersweet yes and letting go of all the animals especially the Jacob sheep was the most difficult. It was an amazing journey and the best part we get to do it all over again at Quail Grove. The vision was all Robert from the beginning -he looked at this land like it was way more than 4 acres which was inspiring and sometimes a little crazy.. That video showed about half of what we accomplished. So many lessons learned and the experience truly grounded us for the better. Oh and no the hurricane is down south… We’re about an hour easy of Dallas so maybe just get a bit of rain and that’s it… Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend.

  3. Jemma says:

    Just had to stop by and wish you the best! Sweetest video ever and the music is perfect.
    It’s a beautiful day and life is wonderful, isn’t it!

  4. villarosa says:

    I too, can’t wait to see what you create and beautify next! You are such an awesomely talented country gal! Please don’t leave the “country”… we enjoy you and your adventures & sweetness so much!

    1. Carole says:

      I don’t even plan to leave the countryside it just agrees with me, thank you for your kind words so encouraging and made me smile. Hope you enjoy a great weekend.

  5. Karen says:

    This is such a beautiful tribute to your life and time on this piece of land. It reminds me much of the 7 years we spent on a few acres. I can so echo your words about work. We taught our oldest boys much about the value of hard work because they lived it! We worked together on gardens and with animals, machinery that often needed repair, and a never-ending supply of leaking pipes across the back yard (it must have been a spider’s web of pipes under the ground from one side of the yard to the other connecting irrigation and water spigots.) I shed quite a few tears on the day we pulled away.
    Life looks a good bit different now. We’re just outside of town and live in a small neighborhood with a nice yard, but not really any land. It’s a different season of life and fits us now, but I remember those days on the land with the hard work, sweet breezes and a huge night sky that was nothing short of amazing with such warmth and fondness. And even though they didn’t admit it then, our older boys now are thankful for the work ethic that they learned, one leaky pipe at a time.
    Thank you for opening your heart and sharing so honestly and personally. Quail Grove is going to be amazing – I just know it!

    1. Carole says:

      Awe Karen – you do know what I’m talking about…. There was so much more I could have shared but Robert said…. “Nobody would ever believe it…” Wanted to really dedicate this post to Lucky because those first two months here she, Dixie and I would sit underneath the carport early in the morning together. They did their business, ran in the fields while I sat there thinking about what we were going to do with this place… Was such a transitional period moving from the suburbs to silence… Interesting how it all unfolded…. Now Dixie and I sit underneath that same carport counting down the days until we move on. I’m so ready for amazing…. Thank you!!

  6. That was such a beautiful video. It’s amazing how much we grow physically and emotionally as the years go by.

    What’s great is that you made the choice on your terms. You were ready and that’s all that matters.

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Maria -I so agree with you. Hope things are good your way…

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