Wheels for Mobile Chicken Coops

Mobile Chicken Coop Wheels

It’s no secret when I’m raising chickens, mobile coops are preferred.  I’ve been asked many times why and the answer is always the same.  I just can’t stand cleaning up after chickens, their poo is perfectly rank and it gives me a headache.

There are additional reasons why I like mobile coops and they can be discovered here. 

Building a mobile coop is the easy part; I recently started a new chicken coop project designed after the DIY coop published in Backyard Poultry this spring. This new coop is a little smaller and I moved the nesting box to the back wall.  I’m still trying to decide if I like it because if I’m being completely honest I’m not even sure I want to raise a flock of chickens again.

With that being said…. I really do miss those farm fresh eggs so I guess a small flock could be justified.

Wheels for a Mobile Chicken Coop

Finding Wheels for Mobile Chicken Coops

Wheels are a very important mobile chicken coop detail because once it’s finished the structure is heavy.  Moving the coop without wheels would be difficult unless you created some type of slide motion by pulling with a three-wheeler.  Since that wasn’t an option here I stuck with the idea of using wheels.

We’ve almost always used a hard wheel base tire because air tires get punctured rather quickly.  Simple things like thorns from bois d arc trees can put holes in a tire immediately.

We’ve shopped everywhere and the prices for just one hard wheel tire is ridiculous…  It’s very common to spend $100 just on wheels so when I built this coop I decided it was time to venture past the farm stores to see what I could find.

I discovered 5-inch hard wheels on a swivel at Northern Tool for $8.00 each; they were having a BOGO sale so I hit the jackpot.  I’m going to guess you can get an even better price at Harbor Freight as their prices are always reasonable and normally have a larger inventory.

It was really sweet to find an affordable option that works.

Securing the Tires onto the Chicken Coop

Securing the tires is pretty simple but you have to plan during the building process.  I used 4 x 4’s cut to fit the inside bottom of the coop frame.  They work like support beams connected from the frame using screws.

The wheels are bolted in place with a hand socket and heavy-duty screws.  I drilled pilot holes first prior to inserting the screws to keep the wood from splitting, this little detail is so important!

Mobile Chicken Coop


Once the wheels were attached it was time to push the coop and see if these wheels were up to moving this mobile coop.  They worked like a charm and I really like the swivel because it makes navigation a breeze.  You can also purchase wheels with a foot lock if you prefer.

These wheels don’t have that desire to roll, they seem pretty cozy once stalled in place which was another bonus. This chicken coop is ready for the new property, Quail Grove and my tools can officially be loaded up for storage.  The big question is this, “What type of Egg Layers should I choose?”

Attaching Wheels to Mobile Chicken Coops


  1. Patti says:

    Great idea. Having a mobile coop and the right wheels makes total sense. I am finding more and more people wanting to raise chickens, even in my suburban neighborhood. In fact, my husband said our neighbors must have just purchased some because he hears them in the morning. I’ll have to investigate and share your sight for a good reference.

    1. Carole says:

      I just can’t stand cleaning up after chickens so the mobile concept is a gem. After I finished this coop I kind of asked myself what am I thinking getting chickens again but I miss fresh eggs and they’re great for depleting bugs. The right breed chickens are a neat addition for a little self reliance but if truth be told I prefer quail… Just can’t open free range those beauties..

  2. HI Carole! How exciting! I love the idea of mobile coop. Hey, My cousin downsized her lifestyle and now posts on from gucci to goats on instagram! She now runs a farm and has great posts! have a great weekend! laura

    1. Carole says:

      Great Instagram title – I bet she’s having a great time, goats are busy animals.



    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Ron – I made this coop from scrap wood so this time around there was no building plans but it is very similar to the one in Backyard Poultry/ spring issue. The stencil is from cutting edge. You might like this example http://www.gardenupgreen.com/2017/01/winter-challenge-stenciled-chicken-coop.html

      -I used it originally in this chicken coop project last winter.



  5. Karen says:

    This is such a brilliant idea. The only chicken “tractor” we had was huge! It was directly on the ground and to move it, we either hitched it to a tractor or the trailer hitch on our van and drug it along. It always amazed me how the girls knew exactly what to do when their home began moving. We planned to make a much smaller one next time, but so far “next time” has not yet come.

    I love the idea of a portable chicken house. It was always so amazing to watch the grass rebound after we moved the chickens. I have never (nor have I since) seen such gorgeous grass – free and exceptional fertilizer.

    My girls were Buff Orpingtons and I loved their calm and gentle nature – and especially those rich brown eggs! I kind of miss having them again, myself.

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Karen and yes our first tractor was tire free and moving it was something else. I love the buffs too – that’s what I had with our last flock not sure if what direction I’ll go into next. Just today…. I said to Robert… Now we have to move it – so maybe I’ll try and sell then build another one at the new location. I just had a building bug and needed to release it. Hope you’re weekend is great..

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