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It’s no secret I love to stencil; it has turned into a fun hobby that simply helps me relax.  I also enjoy coming up with fun ideas that inspire others which is always neat.

Christmas Stencil with Bloggers

Today I’ve teamed with some of my favorite blogging friends who share a similar joy with stenciling for Christmas inspiration!

This is going to be fun so after my project, don’t forget to visit everyone else, we’ve all got something awesome for you.

Each blogger is using a different Christmas stencil of their choice, I chose You Cut Tree Farm from Funky Junk’s Old Sign Stencils.  


This is my sign, the “You Cut Tree Farm” I’m going to show you how to stain pine wood with paint and share my simple stencil tips.


I had this piece of wood in the workshop that was perfect; I wasn’t sure what color to stain, going natural is always my first choice until this small bottle of acrylic paint caught my attention.  Did you know you can apply paint to look like a stain?

How To Paint Stain

  • Wood base project – I used pine and sanded prior to stain application
  • Paint pallet (Scrap piece of wood)
  • Cotton rag
  • Acrylic craft paint – you could also use chalk paint.

Once the board is sanded dab a little paint onto the pallet and dip the rag.  Then lightly apply paint to the board and rub it towards the grain of the wood.

Start light and go darker if desired, I like the grain of the wood coming through so I did a combination of the two.

Make sure to cover both sides and edges of the board and let it dry, this should take about 30 minutes.

Since I’m using this sign indoors I didn’t bother treating the finish after it dried.  This paint stain technique is one of my favorites and I continued using it in my workshops.

Have you ever thought about teaching a workshop class?  I’ve a book out that will walk you through the process right here.



Stenciling the Wood

Once the board was dry the next step was to stencil.

My stencil was a little larger than the board so taping in place was a challenge; since these stencils are made from a strong material that wasn’t a big issue. I used the same method of stenciling as always.

  • Apply white chalk paint to a small piece of wood.
  • Load my brush with paint and then brushed off the excess before applying.
  • Applied paint to the stencil using a dot method and reloaded the brush as needed.


When I removed the stencil everything transferred as planned.

For a worn look you could go over the sign with sand paper after the transfer is completely dried.  I skipped this step because I loved the result.


Displaying the sign took me to the fireplace that we don’t use because I don’t like the mess, but hey I do love a good fire outdoors.

After incorporating a few elements like cotton shells and cedar swag I was pleased with the results.    A simple Christmas display with natural elements is where my heart shines on this country farm.

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  1. Tracy Lynn says:

    I really love your stencil project! I have so many scrap boards lying around the farm, I think I may have to grab and few and do some painting of my own. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

    Tracy Lynn

  2. Jann Olson says:

    I love stenciling as well. Your sign is just darling!

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you that was a project from last Friday. I stained the wood using paint was a lot of fun.
      Check it out here >>

  3. Kim says:

    I love your sign, it’s just beautiful and I am with you, stenciling is a great hobby. I have recently rediscovered it and I am stenciling away… 🙂

  4. Jane says:

    Hi Carole, big hug for organizing this fun stencil project with such amazing creative gals! I always love your posts because I always learn. You are gifted with the ability to teach.

    You know I’m going to love your display…all the things I love. Old looking sign and…and that little pot is so cute!

    I hope you find some time to relax over the holidays.

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas, xo

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Jane so glad you enjoyed this, I love working with other bloggers and you’re awesome! Here’s the scoop on that little red pot. It was my grandma’s and I keep garlic in it. So while I was taking photos I said to my husband, “it’s missing something.” He comes over with that pot from the kitchen plops it down on that crate, and well… it was complete. Makes me smile because sometimes he knows me better than I know myself. Hope you too have a wonderful Christmas too.

  5. Karen says:

    Well, friend, you’ve done it again! Not only was this another fun project to work with you and the other great ladies on, but I’ve picked up so many tips and loads of inspiration! Thank you for organizing this group project – it was a blast!

    Love, Love, Love your sign and it looks perfect on your hearth (by the way – I don’t care for indoor fires for the very same reason. We plan to install gas logs in ours before we use it. I’ve dealt with “real” fires as much as I care to in previous houses!)

    Thanks for sharing the stain technique. I can’t wait to give that a try!

    Have a beautiful Christmas, Carole!

    1. Carole says:

      You are the sweetest and so glad you had fun with this. Look for more invites in 2017 because I have so many ideas and I love these kind of posts. Working together with awesome people is the best. You have a wonderful Christmas too but I’m sure I’ll be chatting with you between now and then.


  6. Your display is beautiful, Carole! And the sign so crisp and sharp! The green stain on the board is such a perfect backdrop for said message! Pin pin pinning away…

    And thank you for the stencil mention!

    1. Carole says:

      Goofy me I should have invited you to this Donna, I’m so sorry I just wasn’t thinking. I’ve got some ideas brewing for 2017 that will involve working with other bloggers so I’ll keep you in mind. I really love that stencil too by the way. Next year I’m doing the sleigh.. I have so many ideas and here’s one for you – Ornaments with the tree symbol. Do that paint technique like I shared and then incorporate your snow flake, tree and light stencils on each. Hope I’m making sense but I’m not doing a tree this year so this one is right up your alley. Hugs!

  7. Carole, I love this project! I didn’t know you could stain wood with acrylic paint. Gotta try that! I love the color and the rustic look and it looks so good in that vignette by your fireplace. Have a beautiful holiday!

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Meredith, get this I didn’t know that staining with paint would work either. Was just looking for something different to do for a change. Thanks for teaming up with us always fun working with you.

  8. Love, love, love this.

  9. Jemma says:

    What a joy and blessing it is for me to have met you!
    Your Christmas sign turned out totally awesome and the way that you have styled it is perfection.
    I know the feeling that you experienced as you removed the stencil to discover if it was a go or a redo!
    I had a couple of redo’s…
    Your are a master at stenciling and have inspired me to keep on stenciling too.
    Thank you for organizing this event, I have enjoyed it so much.
    Blessings and Hugs to you!

    1. Carole says:

      Right back at you! The big reveal I think is the best part of stenciling the key really is less paint on the brush. So after the first of the year you’ll have to come out to the farm and stencil with me. I have many to pick from and there’s always wood around here to use up or I can show you how to create with a fence board. You just gave me an idea for another fun blogger post. Look for an invite after the first of the year. I could be going into stencil mania in 2017 – LOL. Love working with you Jemma, I told Robert the other day one of my 2016 blessings was meeting Jemma.

      Hugs and enjoy a great day!

  10. Donna Harvey says:

    Hi Carol, I just came over from Patti’s place. I love that Sign, and also love to Stencil. We just redid our Home with a lot of Barnwood, which of course I saved the extra’s. Nothing of use gets thrown away at our house. (My Husband’s a pack rat too, so he understands my obsession). I am so excited about Patti’s Slate Sign, and now your Beautiful Wood Sign, I don’t know who’s to do first. Now I’m even afraid to visit the other Ladies for fear I’ll love them too and be up all night Creating! Thanks, You Ladies are getting me in the Christmas Spirit. I’m glad I found you all. Donna

    1. Carole says:

      Hello Donna and thanks for coming over. Stenciling is fun isn’t it? Patti’s slate is awesome, last spring she did a stencil on a doormat for our Spring challenge, was also fantastic. Make sure you visit what everyone did – you’re going to be so inspired. I have more stencil projects under my Projects Tab in Home, Garden and Holidays. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by always love meeting new readers.

  11. Patti says:

    Your Christmas stencil sign turned out great. I love the way you styled it with that pretty crate, the old milk container and greens. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Yay!

    1. Carole says:

      Thanks Patti – this was a fun one -decorating very simplistic this year and I have to say this board was a good addition.

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