Meet Carole

Hello I’m Carole

I’m a wife, author, gardener, and entrepreneur who enjoys country life. My husband and I are empty nesters; we’re selling our farm in North Texas. In the meantime we’re waiting to move a little further north on our 28-acre property. We focus on living our best life by doing more.

How it all Began,

Garden Up Green began in 2014 with the desire to communicate simple, effective, natural gardening techniques. Gardening was introduced by my Italian Grandma; she raised her family during the depression and gardened into her 90’s.  She always encouraged doing more and our time together was priceless. I remember riding my bicycle to her home where we worked, laughed and enjoyed good food together.

When we moved our family to the farm these lessons were implemented in addition to cultivating new skills. Direct Composting is a technique grandma passed down; I’ve shared it on the blog and with Grit Magazine. This practical tip has helped gardeners across the country reduce their composting effort and establish amazing soil.  That’s just awesome!


Garden Up Green Offers

The blog offers uncomplicated gardening advice and projects that are helpful, fun and easy to duplicate. If you’ve ever had a desire to build or just do more then you’re in the right place. You’ll also find detailed information on raising quail in a natural environment and the Tiny House project.

These topics can be found on the tabs bar at the top of the blog and new content is located on the Home Page; It’s my goal to bless others by sharing the value of learning.  The activity here is inspired through God’s guidance and my husband Robert who is my biggest fan.  I’m very blessed to live and share our amazing lifestyle with all of you.


Beyond Garden Up Green

I began guest writing for Texas Home and Garden in 2014, this led to public appearances where I offered live workshops. In addition to the blog I now freelance write for printed publications.  After taking a break from public speaking I’ve been crafting workshops that will be introduced at the new property, Quail Grove.  This will be a lot of fun and possibly encourage me to get back out there in larger venues.



We’re living our Best life by doing more each day..