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Hello I’m Carole,

I’m a wife, author, simplified gardener, and entrepreneur who enjoys life in the country. My husband and I own and operate a small farm in North Texas and we recently purchased 28 acres where we plan to move and establish a tiny house homestead community.   We focus on living our best life by doing more.

How it all Began,

I started writing Garden Up Green in 2014 with the desire to communicate simple, effective, natural gardening techniques. Gardening was introduced to me through my Italian Grandma; she raised her family during the depression. I spent a great deal of time with her and doing more was always encouraged.

When we moved to our farm these lessons were implemented in addition to cultivating new skills. Country living or any lifestyle is very rewarding when knowledge is applied with a genuine work ethic.

Garden Up Green Offers

The blog offers simplified gardening advice and projects that are helpful, fun and easy to duplicate. You’ll also find detailed information on raising quail in a natural environment and the Tiny House project.

These topics support doing more and it’s my goal to bless others by sharing the value of learning. Everything here shines bright with God’s guidance and the loving support of my husband, Robert West.


Beyond Garden Up Green

In addition to Garden Up Green I freelance, public speak, and self published Quail Getting Started. This book continues to help others interested in raising quail in a natural environment.  My latest project Startle Garden will be available in February, 2017. The following outline represents my work.


Startle Garden – Scheduled Publish Date – February 2017

Quail Getting Started  Print and Kindle Edition, January 2015



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Living our Best life by doing more each day..

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