About Carole

Hello Y’all, I’m Carole

I’m a wife, author, entrepreneur, inspired gardener, quail lover and DIY enthusiast who enjoys country living in Cooper, TX.  My husband, Robert and I encourage folks to get back to the land and do more.

I’m not like most gals, I would rather tend to the garden or clear land then spend the day shopping at the mall.  Our lifestyle has brought forward a sense of contentment that influences positive activity and I love that.

Why I Started Garden Up Green

Garden Up Green was established in 2014 with the desire to share simple gardening advice anyone can incorporate. Gardening was introduced during childhood by my Italian Grandma.  She was a sweet lady who raised her family during the depression and gardened into her 90’s.

Grandma always encouraged doing more and our time together was priceless. I remember riding my bike to her home where we worked, laughed and enjoyed good food together.

A Green lifestyle offers many things…

The blog offers a sense of green living that goes beyond the garden.  Discover helpful DIY projects that are easy to duplicate, these are things you won’t find anywhere else because everything here is inspired my nature.

You’ll also be introduced to my passion for raising quail in a natural environment and Tiny House Living.  

Life here is simple and it’s my goal to share our journey with y’all and reassure others that having dreams is a great way to live.

We never gave up on our dreams, we continued moving forward with faith, making our lifestyle complete.

Blessings that follow…

Blessings have followed Garden Up Green from the beginning with guest writing for Texas Home and Garden in 2014, this led to public appearances and live workshops through 2016.

Freelance writing grabbed my attention and I’ve Self -Published helpful books in addition to the Make your Own Garden Book available in the shop here.

I’ve recently incorporated local workshops; details can be found here. We’re having fun, working hard and it’s exciting to watch everything unfold.  Join us here.