The Garden Planner

Make your Own Garden Planner

The Garden Planner is an invitation to make your very own garden book. These printable pages offer the opportunity to record each growing season year after year.  Goal worksheets are also included to help you continue moving forward.

Grandma always said, “Never forget to write things down.”  When I was younger I failed to appreciate this wisdom.  When the gardening season approached I was always beginning from scratch because the details of prior seasons were forgotten.

After getting tired of trial and error I started recording each season on basic notebook paper.  What I really wanted was a resource to organize that information.

Finding the right book left me empty handed so I decided to create my own and now I’m offering this planner to you at an affordable price.

This garden planner offers 16 pages ready to print.  Each organized page is outlined to make recording a breeze.  Pick and choose what you like or print them all.  Get this Garden Planner Pack for a $5.00 investment.