Garden Plans

Its been really col this winter so I’ve been focused on staying warm indoors.

Yesterday I decided to bring out some graph paper and begin working on my garden plans.  I have some new ideas and hope to move a few things around so it was necessary to do a little dreaming on paper.

Do you have your garden space picked out?

The best place to begin a garden is with a plan, simply get out your graph paper and sketch.

If graph paper isn’t available you can use any type of paper and write in pencil because it’s easier to erase a mistake than scratch one out.

The space I sketched is where I’ll grow additional veggies and flowers, it’s smaller than our field crop planting spaces and from the looks will be much easier to maintain.

Lots to Accomplish

I have a lot to accomplish with this space; the planning was based on four key things:

  • Soil
  • Drainage
  • Hours of Shade
  • Hours of Sunlight

Most of the garden has already been established so reaching my goal should be pretty easy.  The main thing I want this year is a salad garden and raspberries so I’ve added additional space those ideas and included  4 more raised beds.

This is a pretty big space and I wouldn’t recommend implementing a garden project like this in one season unless unlimited time was available to help reach the goal.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed which is never a good feeling.

So if you’re beginning your first garden keep it simple and add to it each season.

Breaking Things Down

Breaking your plans into small sections is really smart.  You’ll become less frustrated and not feel so pressed for time to get everything done.

The thing to remember is gardening inspires ideas that will always help you move forward with another new ideas.

When we rush through the process we can miss out on the little treasures of detail that make a space unique.

If you need some help putting your space together let me know I’m happy to answer questions.

In the coming weeks I’ll be breaking things down and if the weather lightens up I hope to be building one of those raised beds I want to add.


  1. You and I are on the same track. I pulled out my graph paper yesterday and got to work. I was peppering my poor husband with questions like "how many feet do you think there is from here to here?" and "do you think we could limb up that tree so I could put some salad greens there?"

    1. I like getting things on paper or the computer before digging up the ground. Helps me not waste space. I have two other planting areas I'll share later, one is an acre field and the other is just a small backyard space. If you lack space grow up! It's a lot of fun and it makes harvesting much easier. Thanks for the feature on your Blog Hop! -Carole

  2. Melissa says:

    Great idea! We recently fenced in a huge area (backyard / garden) space. I get to plant a bigger garden this year. I need to get my graph paper out and start planning. Now if we could just get the rest of the property fenced in for our future animals. Baby steps 🙂

    1. I find with everything there's a process – we have to start doing some re-fencing that we've been putting off since we sold our cows. That's awesome you have a bigger garden space – I expanded my this year too and have big plans for another area I want to plant in. -Carole

  3. Looks like a great plan! We just got ours on paper last week and are still digging through the seed catalog!

    1. That's awesome- planning is always a good idea this time of year. Thanks for sharing! Stay tuned because this year I'll be sharing info on harvesting your own seeds from your garden. Carole

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