The Chicken Coop Part 2

The Coop is finished and the chickens approve.  This was overall a pretty quick project once I was able to focus.

The chickens come and go during the day by using the ramp and when the sun goes down they huddle inside for rest.  I simply close the door and when morning arrives the door is open so they can enjoy another day of open free range.

Let’s take a look at how this project came together, it really wasn’t that difficult to build and remember I just did this from scratch without a plan.

Before I added any chicken wire I painted the frame.  This is really important because painting after chicken wire has been added is a pain.

The wire was attached using a heavy duty staple gun. Notice I framed in the bottom from the outside, it was easier than trying to crawl inside with twisty chicken wire.

The house of the coop was closed in with pine fence boards; this addition was drilled in place in a matter of minutes once the wood was cut to the correct size.

The final touches included the door, roof, paint and wheels.  Adding the wheels can be pretty tricky because you have to drill a pilot hole first then attach using a bolt.

I used plastic wash tubs for nesting boxes because they’re easy to clean and made sure to add a couple bricks in the bottom before the hay to keep them from tipping over.

For whatever reason these hens like to stand on the rim.

The hens are happy inside and out of the coop, they come and go as they please all day and I’m thrilled because this coop is easy to keep clean.

A coop like this can house up  three hens comfortably; I recommend letting them free range during the day because exercise is a good.

If you’re thinking about raising chickens I highly recommend going mobile, it’s a great way to raise chickens naturally.

See Part 1 right here.



  1. Marti says:

    This looks like something that would work well in a small backyard. Do the chickens stay in the top part at night? Is it warm enough in winter? You can probably tell I've never had chickens but I have always wanted them. We live in an area where neighbor's dogs often climb our fence so chickens couldn't free range. They'd have to be in a chicken tractor type thing.

    1. Yes the chickens sleep above at night. There's a roosting bar and two nesting boxes. I house 6 at night right now in this coop and that's only because they free range during the day. If you were going to do a coop like this and keep your chickens locked up I would build it 6 ft long and house up to 3 hens only, Four if they're a smaller breed. It's perfect for a backyard and easy to move. Very warm in the winter – they snuggle up – course if you get below zero or under the 20's for a long period of time I would add boards to the bottom back during those months – boards that can easily come off once the temperatures are warm again. I'm currently writing building plans for this coop and hope to get them in an e-book. Hope that helps and thanks for stopping by great questions! -Carole

  2. What a cool coop for your chickens! Thanks for linking to TTF!

    1. Thanks! I took the ducks off this weekend and added flowers and ladybugs. it's pretty cute!

  3. I am co hosting Fluster's Creative Muster Link Party!! Thanks so much for linking up!


    1. You bet – Those blog hops are fun! -Carole

  4. I love this, we have been talking about getting some chickens for way to long for me, I want to do a chicken tractor and love yours. Pinned to my chicken board, thanks for sharing on Tuesdays With a Twist.

    1. I'm really liking this coop – it's so easy to move and my chickens are pretty happy campers. My birds free range during the day otherwise they'd be pretty cramped because I have 6 hens. I'm working on an e-book that will have detailed instructions on how to build this coop – it's going to include modifications for 6 ft and 8 ft. too. Thanks for stopping by – Join me on Facebook or G+ -Carole

  5. Kathi says:

    That's very cute! Thank you for sharing this at the HomeAcre Hop; I hope you'll join us again this Thursday.
    Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead

    1. Thanks for stopping by – I ended up taking the ducks off this coop and added flowers and ladybugs instead. I'll be back over at the hop – it's one of my favorites. -Carole

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