Why You Should Grow Roma Tomatoes

At some point in our lives we all have favorite foods and those we like to keep at a distance.  My distance food for years was the tomato unless they were prepared for homemade spaghetti sauce.

Tomatoes are also my least favorite crop to grow because I don’t like the scent or texture of the plant.

I’m sounding a little picky at times and I’m not sure why?

After growing several different types of tomatoes the last couple of years I decided the Romas were my favorite and I’ve listed several reasons why.

Why I like Romas

  • Italian variety.
  • Taste, texture and small size.
  • They hold their shape after slicing.
  • Great to cook with hot or cold.
  • Amazing in Salsa and all my Italian dishes.
  • Very easy to grow.
  • Easy to freeze for later.
  • Seeds are easy to harvest.

The main thing I discovered was I just needed to find the variety I preferred before completely ruling them out completely.

My plants from last year were planted in recycled tires without using any kind of wire cage.  It gets really windy here so the tires helped support the base of plant.

Prepping the Soil For Planting

Soil preparation consisted of these simple applications mixed with the existing soil a month prior to planting.

  • Llama droppings
  • Eggs shells (lots for calcium)
  • Direct compost
I added two seeds per tire; once they grew into beautiful bushes we had plenty of tomatoes to enjoy fresh and freeze for later.
If you’re not a fan of tomatoes you may want to consider planting a couple of roma plants, they may surprise you as well.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I always start too many tomatoes–two years ago I had 23 and I thought that was too many. So last year I tried to start fewer and ended up with 26 plants! I have a pretty good sized garden, so I was able to find room for them all, and they grew like mad. Didn't set fruit until late though, so I picked buckets of green ones when the first frost threatened.

    1. Think about this you can always sell your additional plants you don't need if you think there might be a market in your area for them. Thanks for sharing! -Carole

  2. jamie1076 says:

    I love Roma's – they are my FAVORITE! Great tasting tomatoes for salsa and tomato sauce recipes. I planted 4 plants last year and am still eating from my freezer – great producers! I'll plant 3 this year and plan to can the tomatoes in order to make room in my freezer for veggies I need to freeze.

    1. Love Roma's too – I also have some in the freezer from last years harvest. Thinking 2 plants will be plenty this year. Canning is great idea, we have a huge freezer which helps with space. Thanks for sharing! -Carole

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