Coturnix Quail Housing Update

Whenever you try something new there’s always that opportunity to learn.

I’ve really been enjoying the quail and I want to say thank you to everyone who shared their tips from my previous quail post. I listened and implemented some neat solutions.

I felt it was important to come back and share what I’m learning so far.

Housing Quail Free Range Style

When I discovered that open free range wasn’t possible with quail I almost hesitated even raising them.  I thought about it a little more and realized I could work around those obstacles with an enclosed moving coop.


  • Cedar boards were added around the bottom to keep quail from getting out through the wire.
  • Smaller wire was already added to the second floor.
  • I also discovered nesting boxes on the ground was a good idea.

The Ramp

The wood and burlap was added to the ramp to keep the quail from slipping.  They’re not too crazy about the ramp; the ground seems to be the place that’s most comforting.

This may change once they’re full grown, we shall see.

5 Gallon Buckets

I took 5 gallon buckets for shelter boxes and drilled them to wood pieces keeping them from rolling.

Since they prefer the ground I needed something for them to hide in when it rains.  Once the hay was added they jumped right in, I’m guessing it reminded them of their brooder.

Closing Thoughts

The coop is moved about every 3 days and they’re enjoying the grass in addition to their feed and treats.

I’m enjoying these birds, they’re so peaceful compared to chickens and extremely docile. I’m currently thinking about raising them on a larger scale once I finish working on a new coop design and learn a little more.

My concern right now with this quail coop is the quail seem too careless about that second floor. This is something I tend to keep an eye on because moving this coop is kind of intense.


  1. I love quail eggs – but these days find them so fiddly to shell. My arthritic fingers just won't cope, and I don't like munching on shell in the middle of a juicy quail yoke! They are lovely in salads in the summer, aren't they? Good luck – I think their quarters are luxurious indeed!

    1. Well I haven't gotten to the egg part of this operation but I am looking forward to it. I've read the nutrients are grand!
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing – nice to have you here. -Carole

  2. Hey! Cool upcycled coop – I dig that. I love reusing old stuff around the homestead to make things easier (and cheaper).

    I have found that I keep moving my quail around to different housing situations based on where they are at in the life cycle. I hatch them from my fertilized eggs and they go in the brooder until they feather. Then into smaller cages until they lay, then into a big communal chicken coop suspended off the ground about 8 inches. (I collect their poo for compost). It's like Musical Quail around here!

    I like the white ones. They are so pretty! You will love raising quail!

    1. I'm loving these quail and the 5 gallon bucket thing is awesome. I think though I 'm going to change up my set – up and just do 8 ft runs – the older they get the less they want to go up the second floor. Having fun learning! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. We are wanting to get some quail. Thank you so much for your post I am so interested in learning more about them and great pictures by the way! Thanks so much for linking up to the "From The Farm" Blog Hop this week!

    1. I love quail – stay tuned because I'm dedicating a page to them. I'm learning so much – what I like best is they are a peaceful bird. Thanks for stopping by and sharing! See you Friday! -Carole

  4. I love the enclosure idea and think I may try to use a similar concept for rabbits. I have just begun to research quail this year and think they might work on our small farm. Thanks for the informative post!

    1. my son actually raised rabbit and used a very similar set up – worked great they were quite smaller so he could move them around and the rabbits had fresh grass all the time. I just started a quail page – I'm going to start sharing everything I learn. Really enjoy them! Thanks for stopping by and sharing – Carole

  5. Thanks for sharing your post at the HomeAcre Hop!
    I have never met anyone who raises quail. Interesting!!

    1. You're welcome – I just started raising them in March – Having a great experience and learning a lot. -Carole

  6. Tessa Zundel says:

    I never would have thought of using quail like I do chickens in the garden – awesome sauce! Congrats – this post was featured at Green Thumb Thursday. Be sure to grab the featured button and link back to the hop.

    1. Quail are amazing you just can't let them open free range unless the space is completely covered because of predators. dogs etc. Thanks for the feature – I'll get that linked up and shared this morning, Have a great day! -Carole

  7. Nell says:

    When I think of quail, I think of Bobwhite…what kind of quail are you raising? Are there easier ones to start with? More hardy?

    1. Hello Nell – These are Coturnix Quail – they're full grown at 6 weeks and start laying eggs at 6-8 weeks. They're a little smaller than the Bobwhite and the most commonly raised because of their size and mature faster. All birds in general are pretty easy to start with. With quail you just have to shrink down your thought process compared to chickens, if that makes sense. When I go to feed them in the morning (they're 8 weeks now) I have to remind my self they're full grown and they're actually the size of a 4 or 5 week old chicken. I'm getting Bobwhites in this summer. Can hardly wait.. -Carole

  8. Judy Krieg says:

    I would like to start quail in the spring. I live in Minnesota so do I need to put them in a building for the winters?

    1. Carole says:

      Great question Judy and you’ve inspired me so today I will be writing a post on that topic because I’d like to go into detail on this topic. Living in Texas I don’t have as many weather concerns however I do have some sweet solutions. Look for it tomorrow morning or subscribe as I’ll send out an email with the link. Hope you have a Great Monday!!

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