Little Quail & Marbles in the Water Dish

It was finally time to get our quail.

I was excited and the drive to the quail farm was amazing.

My son went with me and when we finally arrived we were greeted by a very nice gentleman.

We had talked on the phone several times to arrange this purchase; it was a pleasure to meet and see his set up.  I was given the grand tour, from the incubation process, brooding and where the birds live.

He raises his quail in cages indoors and his birds were awesome, very healthy and active.  I always enjoy meeting new people and taking the time to visit a little.

Sometimes I think we’re in such a big hurry that we forget to slow down and really listen to see what others are doing.

Learning is fantastic and he shared some great tips.  One that I wanted to mention involves the water dishes.  This was especially important because I decided to get little chicks that were under a week old.

Marble Tip

Add marbles or pebbles to the rim of all quail water dishes when they’re little.

Otherwise they’ll drown because quail like to crawl in everything.  As newborns they’re about the size of a quarter and like most birds they don’t have common sense or mom to guide them from danger.

The marbles also help balance the water dish so it’s less tipsy.

When raising other types of chicks I always had issues with the water dish flooding the brooder so this is a great tip.


Where I got the Marbles

On our way home I kept telling my son; don’t let me forget I need to buy marbles.  So we stopped at a feed store on our way home.
I was pretty sure we had a jar of marbles at home but they use to be my brothers and now my sons and didn’t dare ask to use them because they’re more of a memory as he’s no longer with us.

While I was at the feed store I ask the nice lady, “You wouldn’t happen to sell marbles?”  She paused for a moment and said I might.

I was expecting a clear bag like you get at the craft store but she brings out this jar of colored marbles.  I stopped for a minute and immediately thought of my brother.

They were in a colored mason jar for $5.99 and now they were mine.  So when I’m not using these marbles to keep my quail safe they sit on my desk to remind me of a pretty neat day.

 I’m excited to finally have quail, it’s now time to learn and implement the ideas that have transpired through my research.

I actually found very little information about raising quail on the ground, most was rather negative which was unfortunate.

So buckle up, I’m going to share how to raise quail naturally on the ground through hands on experience.


  1. we looking around right now for quails :/ it is hard to find them here ….. thanks for this hints 😀

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by! I'm loving these little quail very docile compared to baby chick chickens.

  2. They are so cute! Thanks for the great info. and for linking to TTF!

    1. Thanks! They are pretty cute – looking forward to when they go outside. -Carole

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