April Checklist

The first thing you need to do this month is make sure you have a garden notebook.   If you don’t have one well then join our blog because I have a free one in our subscribers library.  You can use these sheets or even a notebook to record your experiences.

Tracking your progress will help you reference your success and failures year after year and it also makes just a neat book you can share with future generations.

You will have a mix of gardening experiences and both are valuable because we never stop learning.  Keep track of the following things and add your own as they come up.

  • Soil needs
  • Seed quality and when you planted
  • Weather conditions, harvesting and the list goes on

The Rainy Season

April is our rain and windy season so I’m pretty much working around a forecast at the moment.   I use the Farmer’s Almanac for final freeze dates and all weather predictions for upcoming seasons.

This month make sure garden beds or in ground planting areas are tilled and ready for planting.

If you’re further north then you’ll need to calculate your progress related to your weather.

Raised beds should be weed free, fertilized and ready for planting.  Are you excited yet?


Veggie and Herb Gardens

If you’re last freeze has come and gone then now is the time to get all your hardier veggies planted. Remember plant what you like to eat.  The focus is to get the garden planted so you can enjoy a healthy green summer.

Fruit Gardens

Strawberries that may have been covered can now prosper in the warmer temperatures. Fruit vines can also be uncovered and tied to a trellis because they’ll begin to produce new shoots, greenery and very soon blooms.

There’s still time to plant fresh bare root vines in the first couple of weeks and you can probably purchase them at a discount. Depending on temperatures sometime you can even push this to the end of the month.

Flower Gardens

All hardy plants and shrubs may be planted.  Bulb plants have pretty much come and gone where I live but I know many of you are just starting to see them pop; that’s exciting and something that I really miss.

Spring bulbs come and go in the blink of an eye down south.

You can also sow any annual flower seeds in boxes or beds.  Imagine a fresh cut flower garden, doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Enjoy April, it can be one of my favorite months even with the rain because the temperatures are cooler which means I can get a lot accomplished outdoors.

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