Rose Planting Placement

Rose Planting Placement

Roses are generally one of the easiest plants to grow if they get planted in the right place.

Finding the correct placement is a matter of paying attention to some key things that happen where you live. 

The Best Rose Bush Conditions

Observe the yard to see which area will provide the following type of conditions.
  1. 6 hours of direct sunshine every day.
  2.  They should be planted in moist, well fertilized soil that has good drainage.
  3. Provide plenty of space for growth – Roses need as width and height.

Best Planting Locations

Possible options for planting areas that would be a good match if planting conditions are present.
  • Front and sides of your home.
  • Around the base of a shade tree.
  • The curb near the driveway or sidewalk.
  • Circular centered garden spaces.
  • Trailing up a gazebo setting.
  • Along a fence line.

If you want to plant miniature roses they can be enjoyed in window boxes or container pots.

All Roses are a great addition to your yard and will bring you years of enjoyment.  Find that right placement where you live and add this beauty to your environment.

Rose Planting Placement


  1. monkey says:

    i have 3 in the front yard 1 in the back outside the fence but in a straight line from my bedroom window in front of my desk xx

  2. That's awesome I bet the bees love them! -Carole

  3. Marla says:

    I have several miniature roses bushes in my garden and another regular size rose bush also in my garden. I have always loved roses. Thanks for your advice. Visiting from Home Acre Blog Hop!

    1. You're welcome Marla – Next post will be up tomorrow – I'm talking about caring for Roses. Hope you stop back by!

  4. Thanks for the rose tips! The soil here doesn't drain the best, but I have a rose bush in the front that does very well. I should try some more! Thanks for your homeacre blog hop submission 🙂 Feel free to stop by this week and submit another!

    1. Hello Heidi – Nice to hear from you. I love my roses – growing food is great but it's also important to have colorful beauty around – the bees love it! -Carole

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