June Checklist

There are many things that need attention during the month of June.

The garden is growing at full capacity and everything should be just looking nice and green with splashes of color.

Some of us may have even started a little harvesting.  For me this would include Sunflower bouquets and herbs for cooking.

Food just tastes better with fresh herbs.  Let’s take a look at what will need our attention as we travel through the month of June.

The Veggie Garden

  • Keep weeding, don’t let them get out of control.
  • The easiest time to weed is right after a good rain or when you water the garden.

Depending on what you’ve planted some vegetables like beans, cucumbers or even tomatoes may need stakes to support their weight.  This will help your plants produce a good harvest.

The Fruit Garden

  • Mulch strawberry plants, you can use materials like cut grass, hay or bagged mulch the nursery.
  • By adding mulch this helps improve your harvest, this goes for all small berry plants and bushes.

The Flower Garden

Flowers planted from seed are probably still pretty green, continue to water when necessary between rainfall.

Bringing fresh cut flowers indoors because flowers just make you feel good.   You can also plant a second crop if you like so you’ll have flowers growing in through fall.

June is more of a maintenance month where we keep looking to see if anything is ready to harvest.  So enjoy!



  1. I totally get it about "the list" ~ you don't want to see mine…! lol i want to thank you for linking up to Fishtail Cottage's Garden Party this week! xoox, tracie

    1. Nice to hear from you Tracie, I've got a great start on my list hope I can keep it up before our temperatures start to rise. Already headed towards the 90's and I'm loving it. Warm weather is relaxing. -Carole

  2. Jessica Lane says:

    I'm a wee bit jealous about you harvesting in June. Here in Maine we are just getting things in the ground. I was celebrating my 2" tall corn plants this morning. Thank you for sharing on Green Thumb Thursday!

    1. Gardening in the south is unreal – there are days when I feel like I can watch things grow. We've had a lot of rain too so I've been giving away veggies. Thinking next year I might have to put in a farm stand. Thanks for stopping by nic eto hear from you. – Carole

  3. We're in OK so your list is very similar to mine. 🙂 Hope the summer weather is kind this year. Thanks for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop!

    1. The weather is pretty wet here – weird for this time of year but not complaining. You just never know what to expect anymore. -Carole

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