More Flowers in the Garden

I’m a firm believer that growing your own food is one of the best ways to provide healthy, quality food.  I also believe that flowers have their place in the garden and growing the two in the same space can be beneficial.

The flowers welcome the bees for that sweet nectar; I’ve found they show up sooner than expected when I grow flowers.

A couple years ago I added a small rose bed to my garden; I was amazed at the honey bee activity in early spring through late fall.

This was wonderful because when my green plants began growing the bees had reason to stay and were very busy pollinating everything.  They found the garden to be a wonderful place to spend a lot of their time.

 Gathering seeds to plant

When I’m planting cut flowers I start by seed in a raised bed.  I like to make sure I have a nice variety of color and different heights.  In this space I plan on keeping things pretty simple so I’m going to include favorites like larkspur, tall and short marigolds, zinnias, and snow on the mountain. I planted the taller flower seeds towards the barrel and scaled down in size as I moved forward to the rocks. Most seed packets have the predicted height each flower you’re growing.  This information is helpful for planning where seeds will go.

Planting by Seed

It’s important to make sure the soil is nice and moist before you begin planting. I use a hand hoe and dig open lines that are about 2 inches deep.  The next step is to add the seeds.   I don’t get too concerned with spacing because I want this to look lush and full once it starts growing.

Once the seeds are in the ground I like to cover the top of the bed with fine mulch. This is much easier to do now instead of after everything is blooming.We’re getting ready to head into the 90 plus degrees here, mulch is a real help for holding in the moisture to help with the germination process.

If you’re planting in early spring you can add the mulch later.  I decided to do a second planting so I have more cut flowers to enjoy through fall.

Why Flowers in the Garden?

By adding flowers you welcome those beautiful honey bees and normally all the other ones will follow too so be prepared, especially if you’re fearful of bees.

 I can’t imagine working in the garden and not seeing or hearing the sweet sound of working honey bees.  I’m blessed every year by their presence; giving them a reason to show up is a gift.

If the space I planted today produces like I hope it will then I’ll be enjoying some beautiful color and cut flowers by August or September.



  1. Hi Carole, popped over to check out your Quail Coop, looks pretty cool! I have tall Marigolds planted with my tomatoes and they do add welcoming color and bees! I also planted Daisy's but they have not germinated well. I may get a few, we'll see. I also planted basil in another bed with tomatoes and they have grown 3'-4' tall and smell so good! I let them flower cuz we don't eat much of it. They have pretty little white flowers. I have a pot of chocolate mint, it's delicious in tea! I love to rub my fingers in it just to smell, yum! Your cucumbers look great and I really like your lady bug tires!

    1. Nice! I'm making pesto with some of my basil today. I can freeze it and have it through the winter. Love it with pasta it's a quick meal on those days when I don't really feel like cooking. Garden is doing pretty great and those Lady bug tires should have tall marigolds sprouting soon. Thanks for sharing – Carole

  2. Jenny says:

    Be careful – flowers are addictive! I grow many more flowers than food now. I grow my food in my flower beds. :o)

    1. I was once a florist and have always had a passion for floral beauty. Thankfully I don't have as many hours in the day so I have to keep things pretty focused when it comes to growing. Love the mix of the two and as my Grandmother got older she too added food in her flower beds. – Thanks for sharing! -Carole

  3. We didn't think to do flowers the first few years we did a garden (except marigolds for the maters) I love the idea of incorporating them in for a splash of color and for bees too. Thanks for linking it up to Snickerdoodle Sunday! Hope to see you again next week! – Kristina

    1. Thanks Kristina – I'm excited too because I'm already seeing green from some of those seeds. -Carole

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