Volunteer Sunflowers

Volunteer Sunflowers

When I first started growing sunflowers I did this in long rows.  

Walking through their green splendor just before they were ready to bloom was so much fun reminding me of the summer my grandma and I planted sunflowers in her garden.

The last couple of years I haven’t been as organized with my sunflower planting and this year I even missed the opportunity.

Thankfully I don’t have to miss out because several volunteers sprouted in some of the most unique places.  These blossoms make me smile and remind myself that blessings are all around us.

Several neighbors driving by have asked prior to blooming, “What’s that green thing growing in your garden?”  I smiled and said, “It’s a sunflower, just wait and in no time it will be blooming.”

This particular one in the brown tires is amazing and the strength in this stem is grand.

I didn’t think it would ever stop growing up and it’s been so fun watching it make it’s own path.

Sunflower represent simple beauty.

They welcome the bees for pollination and eventually seeds will be behind for the birds. I enjoy welcoming the wild birds because they help gather bugs and sometimes leave behind a little fertilizer.

Shade, a lot of beauty and simple goodness, now that’s a sunflower.

There are other ways to enjoy sunflowers and I’ve used them to provide shade for other plants.

I live in north Texas and it can get extremely hot and windy; the sunflowers provide a nice wall to protect more fragile plants like tomatoes.

If you plant the cut flower variety you can even bring  blooms inside to enjoy.  They really brighten up a space and add a little light to anyone’s day.

A few years ago I sold sunflowers at the local farmers market; it was a lot of fun and they always brought forward a nice crowd.

I kind of miss those Saturday mornings and I’m thinking that maybe one of these days I might do it again.

In general Sunflowers can add a special glow to anyone’s garden, even those that show up as a volunteer.

Volunteer Sunflowers



  1. Thanks for coming by the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop. Love your post and appreciate you taking the time to share.

    1. That's a fun Hop -so many great links – Thanks for stopping by to share here too! -Carole

  2. I have several sunflowers come up this year from the bird seed we put out for the birds. They are now getting ready to bloom. Can't Wait to see them here in my garden!!!!

    1. That's neat Peggy – I love it when the birds bring surprises! I think today I might bring some of those sunflowers indoors. It's overcast today and I need some bright colors! -Carole

  3. Liz says:

    I grow sunflowers every year. Some I grow to take to the Farmers Market. Some I grow just for the birds. But mostly I just love to see their pretty blooms in the summer.

    1. I miss growing for the farmer's market – I had so much fun that summer, it was good for the soul. I'm just gonna have to plan better next season. Thanks for sharing Liz.. -Carole

  4. Jenny says:

    Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers. I have volunteers come up every year as well. This year one sprouted in my orderly rose hedge & I put a little metal fence around the base to keep my husband from accidentally trimming it down.

    I plant them everywhere. I buy one of each variety of the seed packets I find in the stores then go around my garden & just poke the seeds anywhere I think they'll grow or add some nice height. If I find any sprouted in the grass I grab my spade & move them to a safe place so they'll bloom – I just love them!

    I grow them for beauty & for the birds. I sometimes dry the really nice big blooms before the birds eat all the seeds then I put them in my tray feeders when we have winter snows.

    1. Jenny this is beautiful and thanks so much for taking the time to share. You painted a great picture for me to envision. After I read this I went outside and cut some stems to bring indoors. Brightened things up and made me smile. Thanks a bunch for stopping by to share! -Carole

  5. B Nickerson says:

    I love volunteers! I planted a small breed a sunflower this year and it made it to bloom. I'm going to let it go to seed to feed the birds and maybe get some volunteers, too! I have to jealously guard my sunflowers from snails & slugs here in florida. They love to gobble off the blossom bud!

    1. A friend just sent me an article last night on the smaller breeds – shorter blooms and stems it was very interesting and I'm thinking florists would love them. No slugs or snails in Texas but I had them where I grew up in WA state and they can be a pain. I agree Volunteers are grand. Thanks for sharing – Carole

  6. joene says:

    I've not had volunteer sunflowers in my Connecticut gardens … none of the seeds go uneaten by either birds, squirrels, or chipmunks. Chipmunks will climb the stalks and eat the seeds while dangling from the flowers … often breaking the flower stalk. Because of this I don't usually plant sunflowers in my gardens since I don't need another chipmunk attraction. But I love sunflower blooms.

    1. Those are some pretty determined chipmunks – I haven't run into that here just a lot of bird visitors. I agree they blooms are nice. I brought some indoors yesterday and it brightened things up! -Carole

  7. Green Bean says:

    Sunflowers are the absolute best! I just wrote an article last week about how sunflowers are THE ultimate wildlife plant. I like to grow all kinds here and was lucky enough this year to have three volunteer mammoths who bloomed well before everyone else will. Beautiful garden!

    1. Agree they are the best and I have many other favorites too Would agree though a great wildlife plant. They grow all over Texas in the ditches. It's pretty! -Carole

  8. Thanks for sharing this post on The Green Thumb Thursday Garden Blog Hop. We hope you will join us again this week.
    Sunflowers are beautiful and I am always amazed at how many varieties that are available.

    1. Agree! Glad I did this post last week because the wind came and that tall one broke at the top. Now slowing dying off but the birds are happy! -Carole

  9. Mine started blooming a couple weeks ago – just one, then two and now a bunch! I planted an assortment for the bees and birds – regular yellow, giant yellow ones and these pretty orange ones. Love sunflowers too! 🙂 Yours looks totally awesome! Thanks for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle 🙂 Made my day! Millie

    1. Thanks – They're now dying off but the birds are happy because seeds are forming which means maybe they'll leave my tomatoes alone. -Carole

  10. Kathi says:

    Sunflowers grow wild here in Oklahoma, and I love seeing them lining the back roads. I transplanted one that was growing in front of our flatbed trailer, since we would have had to run over it eventually; it's now blooming in a corner of my garden. They make me happy, and my goats love to eat them – the whole plant, not just the seeds! Eventually I'll pull it up and give it to them as a treat.
    Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead

    1. How neat- my sheep don't like them at all and they grow wild down here in Texas too. I agree they make me happy too. Mine have went to seed so now the birds are enjoying them. I'm curious do the goats like the stalk too? I'm always amazed at what goats will eat. Thanks for stopping by was nice to hear from you. -Carole

  11. Mary Ann says:

    You had a lady say that she can’t grow sunflowers because of snails and slugs, I live in Florida and we have a problem with the same thing . To protect my plants I put in a couple spoon of coffee grounds and mix it with the soil, seals and slugs don’t like coffee. It works really good here. Maybe she can try it.

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