July Checklist

July Garden Checklist

July temperatures have arrived and the green rye grass has gone to sleep with the arrival of Bermuda to take its place.

Grasshoppers are in full swing and all green is under attack.  Thankfully baby chicks will be arriving and in a few weeks to help take care of these disturbing bugs.

We’re also heading into our warmer temperatures here in Texas. Sometimes the hot summers can feel like defeat, I’m trying to focus on the opportunities that follow by thinking about the fall garden.

July Begins

With every new month I ponder the garden chores and I think we can all agree we’ll need to water more and cut less grass.

I like the less grass cutting don’t you?

Hopefully many of us will continue to receive rainfall so we can keep our water expenses to a minimum.  I recommend collecting rainfall if at all possible, that water is a great way to improve plant life.

Vegetable Garden

Planning for a fall garden begins now if you’re planting by seed. You’ll want to make sure your soil is ready for vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, celery and other similar varieties.

If you’re growing herbs you also know that harvesting is in full swing or if you’re letting them grow into large bushes then enjoy that beauty.  I love an overgrown herb garden it has such a lush energy.

Tomatoes should be tied up in cages while you enjoy harvesting and production should continue if you can supply the water they’ll need..  You may want to trim them back just a little if they’re full of explosive growth.

Trimming back will allow you to extend the growing season through fall.

Harvesting continues and if you’re like me then you might be wondering what to do with all those cucumbers? I think canning pickles could be a good afternoon activity.  Chickens and quail also love cucumbers so you might want to cut a few open for them to enjoy.


The Flower Garden

I planted more flower seeds last week so I’m looking forward to that outcome.  Overall July flower gardens really need maintenance, like watering, cutting back dead blooms, leafs and harvesting seeds for the following year.

Here the sunflowers are dying off and potted planters seem to be doing grand.  The wind dries everything out rather quickly so it’s important that flower gardens have already been mulched.


Fruit Garden

Fruit like berries and peaches should be ready to gather.  The birds came and took most of my berries so I’m headed to a nearby blueberry farm next week to make up for that loss. I’m looking forward to this outing.

I like to freeze berries so I have them year round for muffins, smoothies, cobblers and syrup.


Additional Garden Projects

Projects have already started for me and I can hardly wait to share what I’ve been up to.  I’m like a busy bee; the saws and drill are back in action which means I’m having fun!

So there you have it, things are moving forward in July and tuned for some fun projects you might want to implement in your own garden space.

July Garden Checklist


  1. Summer is so busy; it is smart to have a checklist to keep you organized especially when the harvests begin. Thanks for sharing at Green Thumb Thursday.

    1. I also have an over all home checklist too – especially when I have projects going on. Keeps me productive and actually finishing what needs to be done. Thanks for stopping by! -Carole

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