Planting Sugar Pumpkins

It’s that time of year when fall planting because front and center.  I wanted to get a head start this time because it happens to be one of my favorite planting seasons.

I decided to begin with Sugar Pumpkins, these are perfect for carving and cooking so I’m really excited about moving forward.

Preparing Good Soil

There are some key things to remember if you’re working with existing or even newer planting areas. Your soil is the key to your success!  It’s not enough to put a seed in the ground and hope for the best.

Feeding the soil is a continuous process that never ends.  Some of the easiest ways to do this is through adding direct compost and animal manure.

This bed was prepped months prior to planting and the weeds were removed just a couple days ago; it’s now ready for seeds.


The first year on our farm we planted pumpkins too early.  This left us with abundance during the summer, they grew like a weed.

I wanted pumpkins in the fall this time just a few for color, cooking and of course decorating. A friend sent me seeds and when life got busy the seeds were set aside.  I kept thinking I’d plant in June and before I knew it July was here.

After checking my planting records and the recommended dates for pumpkins I still had time.  If an early frost comes which hardly ever happens could be the only negative that would ruin these plans.

How I Plant Pumpkins

Planting started in a raised bed that was watered down prior to stirring up the soil.  Pumpkins here are planted in mounds because they maintain the water better over rows.

After breaking up the soil you get your hoe and build circular mounds, add an indent on the top that looks similar to an erupted volcano.

The indent is where you water, it seeps through the mound keeping everything moist. The seeds are planted in a triangle pattern around the outside of that indent by placing two seeds per hole.  If all twelve seeds sprout that will be a lot of pumpkins to enjoy on this farm.


  1. Helen Fern says:

    Yeah!! Territorial seeds is from my neck of the woods!! Great post – pinning!

    1. Helen Fern says:

      oh yeah – visiting from the chicken chicks linky!! 🙂

    2. Awesome! I grew up in Washington state and a friend introduced me to that seed company. Love it and thanks for stopping by always nice to hear from new readers. -Carole

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