August Checklist

We welcomed August with a flood of rain and everything is super moist around here.  It’s nice because all my water bins are full which means I won’t need to turn on the hose for a few weeks.

You might remember I planted sugar pumpkins last week, they’re up and what a welcome blessing.

I’m hoping you all enjoyed a great harvest in July and now the question is what needs to be done during the month of August?

Activity begins to slow down during the hottest month of the season unless you live further north.

Veggie Garden

My garden has slowed down which has actually been pretty nice.  I went ahead last week and trimmed things back and after this rain it’s like I have new plants again.

Keep maintaining your garden through harvesting and remember to pull weeds to help those plants thrive.

If you’re planning a fall garden get moving forward with prepping beds and implementing planting dates.   Sometimes when to plant can be confusing especially here in Texas.

The Texas Fall Direct Seed Guide  is a great help.

Fruit Garden

All strawberry runners should be cut back; many times you can root those stems allowing you to expand your crop.

If you let strawberries grow wild they will not produce an abundant harvest so it’s important to trim back and transplant runners if possible.

With all other berry bushes make sure to cut back any dead leaves or dark old stems and stake the plants so canes can grow strong.

Flower Garden

If you planted flowers you should be enjoying some wonderful bouquets indoors, I love fresh flowers!

I honestly can’t imagine a garden space without flowers, can you?

Little things to remember, flowers like carnations should be trimmed back if you want them blooming in the late fall.  You may need to stake flowers like zinnias dahlias or gladiolas, they tend to get too heavy and fall over especially if you experience heavy rain and wind.

For the rest of the month just basically keep maintaining your garden and enjoy harvesting.


  1. Jason says:

    I like your To Do list. Funny you mention bouquets, we finally got around to bringing in a bouquet of cut flowers yesterday for the first time – sunflowers, Tithonia, Zinnias, and fennel flowers.

    1. Hello Jason – I used to be a florist back in the day and a believer in bringing flowers indoors to enjoy. Sounds like you combined a nice bouquet. Thanks for stopping by to share. -Carole

  2. Thanks for the great list. I did not know that about the strawberries. We have a ton of runners right now, that may be why our crop did not do well this year. Thanks.

    1. You're welcome Margaret – I picked strawberries when I was a kid for the Sakuma Brothers in Skagit county. Learned a lot. Field work it's a humbling experience for a teenager. 🙂 -Carole

  3. Thanks for the great list. I did not know that about the strawberries. We have a ton of runners right now, that may be why our crop did not do well this year. Thanks.

  4. Great list! My strawberries suffered in the July heat this year. I'll probably cut them all way back for next season.

    1. Thanks Sally – I have a hard time here with Strawberries – I need to come up with an innovative way to grow them to beat the heat I guess. -Carole

  5. daisy g says:

    I adore the picture of the pumpkin seedlings coming up. Just beautiful. I, like you, always get so excited seeing them arise. Enjoy your garden!

    1. Hello Daisy – I was working in the garden last night and those little seedlings have their second leafs now. So fun to watch new growth. Thanks for stopping by to share. -Carole

  6. I have been looking through a lot of you posts.
    I love your blog. It is so clean and uncluttered without all the advertising that some have.
    I love being able to read about your adventures in homesteading and look forward to all the posts about your new projects.

    1. Carole says:

      Glad you’re enjoying – that makes me smile. I’m all about clean lines my husband says that’s my OCD… I just like things to be easy to find and the advertising well for me it takes away from the content so no ads here unless they’re from our shop. Our big adventure today was getting our shed delivered for our office. It was so exciting so tomorrow we’re back at the land clearing again.

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