The Bug Detour

Bugs in the garden can be a gardener’s worst nightmare.

When you live in Texas bugs are everywhere and you learn to embrace the good bugs like spiders, lady bugs, and the praying mantis are just a few of the good bugs I like to have investigating my garden.

Let’s find out why and see if this might help you see the benefit of having good bugs in the garden.


Spiders are always welcome because they eat other bugs.

The most common large spider I have is the grass spider.  They like to hide in grass which is what surrounds my raised beds.

Occasionally when I’m watering they’ll surface and crawl away into another area where they bury down and wait for bugs to arrive.

Don’t be in a hurry to remove spiders unless they carry toxic venom.


Lady Bugs and Praying Mantis

Lady bugs are another favorite and I see many in the spring and fall. They seem to fade away in the hotter months much like I do.

They eat the aphids and bring peace to your garden space.

If you don’t have lady bugs visit a nursery they sell them by the package stored in a cooler.

The mantis is another keeper, and we have abundance all over our farm.  It took about 2 years for them to arrive and it was so exciting when they did. The mantis will eat good and bad bugs; they are a huge benefit to the garden and they camouflage perfectly.


Other Beneficial Bugs

Bugs like the dragon fly, honey bees, flies, and many beetles are also a huge help for removing bad bugs.

Bugs play their part and letting nature work for you is always going to be a positive experience, but I find it takes patience.

Bird Patrol

I recognize that bugs are a real pain and can destroy a crop in no time.  For those down here in the south our biggest pest would be the grasshoppers.

Thy’re huge and this is where the chickens and quail come into play.

I let the chicken’s free range and the quail get whatever jumps into their run.

Between the two species they’re successful at depleting the grasshopper population.   If you can’t free range your chickens you might think about a mobile coop so they can help get the bugs bad bugs in your garden.

We also have a large assortment of wild birds that fly around our farm which are a great help to decreasing our bug population.

Keeping it simple and letting nature work for me is how I detour bugs in my garden.  It’s just better all around and keeps things quiet.


  1. Karen says:

    I've actually read about planting a bed just for bugs so that they will go there instead of the nice garden beds! I love the chicken idea, but just wondered: how do you keep your chickens from scratching in the garden? I had chickens once and wanted to do this, but was afraid they would uproot the plants – especially the young ones. Great ideas! I'm looking forward to your post on natural spray!

    1. I have found with the chickens that some breeds are more aggressive about digging up plants than others. I had a breed one year that dug and ate my fall garden three times and then my husband and I came up with the covered raised bed idea. I currently have buffs only right now and they are less aggressive they wonder around and don't really go into the raised beds at all. We also have 4 acres for them to roam and that might help. Stay tuned because quail are another great addition and really help with the bugs and could careless about the green. Thanks for stopping by! -Carole

  2. Anonymous says:

    We moved here from out of state last year, and the chiggers think we are the perfect meal… Could you include anti-chigger recommendations in your followup email???? -Trish

    1. I will see what I can come up with for ya. Chiggers are not been my friend -stay tuned for next week when I do some remedy options – Have a Great weekend! -Carole

  3. Gentle Joy says:

    Good advice… those bugs seem to be a problem everywhere… Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

    1. You're welcome remember to come back next week as I plan to continue with some other options. -Carole

  4. Alison Agnew says:

    I don't like bugs, but I know that many of them are good for my yard. We have bats that help keep the mosquito population under control. Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


    1. Hello Alison – Bugs down south can be a real pain and I don't like most of them either but I've tried to find a happy medium I guess. -Carole

  5. Heidi Ramsey says:

    Great advice about the spiders, so many people are quick to kill most bugs. Thanks for the submission to the HomeAcre blog hop. Please stop by (or another host blog) and submit another post this week 🙂

    1. Hello Heidi – I was in the garden yesterday and noticed a couple spider webs that had grasshoppers in them. Was neat to watch them busy at work. Thanks for stopping by to share. -Carole

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