The Many Uses of Landscaping Timbers

My husband introduced me to landscaping timbers when we moved on the farm.  I use to overlook them because they’re heavy and tend to warp.  I started using them in garden projects and realized they work great.

Purchasing these timbers new can be frustrating because they normally arrive to the retail stores wet, which means when they start to dry they warp and bend.

I would suggest when you purchase new to be selective about what you bring home and make sure the timbers are thick, they tend to not warp as much.  Many times major retail stores will put these timbers on sale during holiday weekends like Memorial or Labor Day.

Sometimes you can find timbers for sale on craigslist for a fraction of retail.  I remember one time we got 100 timbers for $1 each and they were dry and thick.  It was a major score!

 Driveway Liner

We established a new driveway when we purchased our home and because the front yard seemed to blend into the driveway we divided the two spaces using the timbers with white Austin stone.

They’re not a permanent structure so moving them is a breeze and the divider keeps visitors from driving in our front yard.

Sidewalk Divider

Using them as a sidewalk divider is another great idea.  We let our chicken’s free range and many times they like to come up to the house and dig, making a huge mess.

I would sweep everything back in place only for them to come back the following day and make a new mess. When the timbers were put in place to divide the two the results meant less sweeping.

Raised Bed Frame

The garden is where I have the most fun; I can cut them to size or just place them at their original 8 ft length.  I recently established this new raised bed by framing with the timbers.

I use rebar pieces and wood stakes to keep the bed walls in place.  I like to make sure my raised beds can be removed if I ever decide to change things up.

Easy Reach Raised Bed

The easy reach raised bed is a really neat project that brought our garden off the ground.  This was nice because it meant no more bending.

Storing Landscaping Timbers

When you store landscaping timbers we found stacking them right away in a dry area is best.  Stacking helps prevent warping but it doesn’t guarantee it either.  Be careful because one slip and these timbers will roll.

For that reason we normally store something heavy duty in front. This is quite the pile of timbers; it will be interesting to see what I come up with next.


  1. daisy g says:

    Great ideas! So many possibilities! Definitely pinning this one!

    1. I hear ya – I can hardly wait to keep sharing more ideas. -Carole

  2. Maria says:

    Will show this post to my hubby, we are designing our outside for our new home and this is a good idea with the timbers.
    Thanks for sharing this on Fabulous Friday

    1. That's awesome – I do plan to share more ideas here and there. Here's another one we use them for fencing too!
      See you Friday! -Carole

  3. John says:

    I loved reading through the article and seeing all the different uses of treated landscape timber! I’ve read elsewhere that retaining walls are also viable uses for properly treated timber. I think this would be much more aesthetically pleasing than a concrete wall.

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