Build a Fall Pumpkin Wall Hanging

DIY Pumpkin Project

Fall is here and our front door here at the farm needed some kind of seasonal decoration.

I like to incorporate verbal welcome types signs but sometimes it’s good to create something that sort of speaks for itself.

Since I had pumpkins on the brain and a lot of scrap wood, it made sense to head to the workshop and see what I could come up with.

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Supplies were all recycled materials

I used one 8 foot 2 x 3 board and cut it into five pieces as seen in the photo on your left. There are no specific measurements because you should make this to your liking.

Next I went ahead and sanded each board, then laid the boards flat, side by side beginning with the tallest in the middle.

Connect the boards together from the back side using scrap wood and 10 screws.

Remember to be careful and drill slow because if you’re not holding the base the boards will spin during connection.

Continue with Drilling

Now drill one hole on each side of the top end boards.

This is where you will eventually add a wire hanger; you might have to touch up with sand paper after drilling.


Painting is always fun

It’s time to spray paint next, do this outdoors because it smells awful and it will dry faster.

One coat is plenty; I used a gloss finish allowing for a pop factor that we can tone down with a little sand paper once it’s dry.

Sanding over the paint is a personal choice, I like a little of the under wood to show but if it’s not to your liking then skip that step.

You could also use chalk paint for this or even finish with a dry brush technique.

Adding the wire Hanger

I used a double twisted wire for the hanger.  This was left over from a farm project and can be pretty difficult to work with so you may want to substitute with a lighter wire or even rope.

There is really no technique to applying the wire, but you will need a little muscle because working with wire this heavy can be difficult.

I recommend wearing gloves during this addition as it will give you a stronger grip to move the wire in the direction you desire.

You might want to scroll up to the first picture to see how I twisted mine; I love the twists and circular motion this wire offers.

This project would also make a great workshop.  Have you ever thought about taking your crafting skills and turning them into a class?  I did this for several years and it was alot of fun to watch others put their own creative spin on one of my designs.

So I decided to write a book to teach others how to establish their own workshop where they live.  You can learn how to turn your craft or skill into a successful workshop right where you live.  Discover more about Make and Take Workshops here.

Finally I finished with burlap ribbon and green raffia using a staple gun; I love this technique. You could finish this project so many different ways; the important thing is to have fun and get creative.

This was a fun project perfect for the front door to enjoy all the way up through thanksgiving.

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DIY Fall Pumpkin Door Hanger Decor made from scrapwood. #FallPumpkin, #FallDecor


  1. This is so perfect! Shared!

    1. Thanks! I had a blast making this one. -Carole

  2. Skye says:

    I love outdoor wall hangings that aren't the traditional wreath! Stumbling this to help more people see it. 🙂

    1. Awesome thanks – I agree I get tired of the traditional wreath too. -Carole

  3. Helen says:

    So cute and creative! I love the way it looks hanging on the brick.

    1. Thanks a bunch! It was fun to make – wood seems to be my thing. -Carole

  4. Love it! It is so cute and really very easy ~ I might be able to do it 🙂 Thanks

    1. Yep it is really easy to make this most difficult part would be the wire – Copper would easier to work with.

  5. Love this! It looks super easy to make!

    1. So Glad you liked it – I had a blast making it and yes very easy and inexpensive! -Carole

  6. OH! WOW! you are just so creative! and this is so adorable, you shine! love if you share this on Fabulous Friday, unless you did already! Hugs Maria

    1. Hello Maria – I did link up this morning while I was barely awake – LOL – I enjoy that Link up! Stop back by on Tuesday I've got a giveaway in conjunction with Tuesdays with a twist that I think you might like.

  7. The Egg Farm says:

    Looks great. I may make one if time permits. Thanks for posting at From the Farm Blog Hops. I get the best ideas there!

    1. Thanks for stopping by – I made this from our scrap wood pile which was great! That is a fun Link up!

  8. Very cute great idea! And it's a Pumpkin. The Fabulous Fall linky party is featuring pumpkins. Come by and join the party and your post will be entered in the give a way! Oh I am going to look for your Follow button! Nice to meet you!

    1. I stopped by and linked up – thanks for the invite. This was a fun project! -Carole

  9. Trish Martin says:

    I love this. What an awesome idea.

    1. Glad you like it – I had a blast with this project.

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    We will feature Thanksgiving in November! Come back over and join the party anytime!
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  11. Uwe says:

    This is a great idea !

    Thank you for hosting !

    Greetings from Germany


  12. JBArts says:

    These are simply adorable! I might have to make one for my door!! Great idea!!

    1. glad you like it – Wait till you see what I'm doing for Christmas. Stop back tomorrow I'm giving away a different pumpkin project. -Carole

    2. JBArts says:

      Oh I am excited!

  13. This is a great project! Inspiring, attractive and simple enough I may give it a try. Thanks!

    1. You'll love this it's fun to make. I'm also have a Giveaway for wood pumpkins that started today. Check it out and enter to win one. Thanks for stopping by to share. -Carole

  14. Patti Estep says:

    Very cute and clever. Pinned

    1. Glad you liked it – I've got a pumpkin giveaway going on right now too – Hope you entered to win one. -Carole

  15. daisy g says:

    So clever! Love how you think outside the box! Thank you for sharing on this week's Maple Hill Hop!

    1. Thanks! I had fun with this project and wait till you see what I'm making for Christmas! -Carole

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  17. Karen says:

    Love this! Your projects are so great and I really love this one. With a husband who does lots of woodworking, and 7 sons, I have never learned to use all those saws and drills and power tools, but sometimes I really just want to make something myself without asking for help to cut this or screw together that…I really need to learn soon so I can make some really cute things like you do! 🙂
    I hope you keep sharing your creations! Thanks for bringing it to Wake Up Wednesday!

    1. Glad you liked it – Get the hubby or one of your sons to teach you. You'll love it – My husband taught me and the hardest part was getting over the fear of hurting myself. Gloves and safety goggles helped. I have some fun stuff planned after I finish my quail sanctuary. Work first I guess. Thanks for stopping always nice to hear from you.

  18. Hello cute lady! Super cute. Pinned. We couldn't think of anyone better to party with. We hope to see you tomorrow at 7 pm.
    Happy Sunday! Lou Lou Girls

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    Thanks again

  20. I LOVE your pumpkin wall hanging! Such a great idea. I'm visiting from Tweak it Tuesday. Congrats on the feature…you completely deserve it. I pinned this too. Have a great day! ~ Jamie

    1. Welcome Jamie -So glad you liked it, I had a blast making this one. Wait till you see what I'm doing for Christmas!

  21. Heidi Ramsey says:

    That's great, you did a great job. Thanks for sharing at the HomeAcre hop – feel free to stop by Pint Size Farm or one of the other hosts to submit another this week!

    1. Hello Heidi – So glad you enjoyed this project. I had fun making it. See you tomorrow!

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