Chicken Nesting Box Station in DIY Style

I finally got around to making my egg nesting station for the chickens.

I enjoy my garden quail but I also raise chickens for the purpose of extreme bug control, eggs and meat.  

We chose a dual purpose breed the Buff Orpington and so far I’m pretty happy with them.

They have a peaceful attitude while they wonder the farm free ranging day after day. This nesting box was made from material we already had and it’s super easy to implement in an afternoon.

I started with 3 seed trays; they became the roof and walls of this project.

I laid the three frames on the ground so they were level and then screwed together using a drill.  The next step was to add the cross bars to each side for stability.

Chicken wire was attached using a heavy duty staple gun and wire cutters.

I attached on the inside ends then added additional pieces of  2 x 4’s to cover the wire and stapled from the bottom up to the boards.

This project is assembled with screws and finished with a dark brown paint.

I left some of the wood natural because I like a little weathered wood here and there.

The nesting boxes are simple feed dishes that I picked up at the farm store awhile back.  I like them because they’re not deep and they fit snug making them easy to clean.

I’m pretty happy with the end result; the next step is to make the ramp for the second floor.

It’s been my experience with a flock of 8 or 10 hens three or four nesting boxes is plenty as they normally have a favorite and will wait their turn to use the one they like best.

I hope you enjoyed today’s DIY project and find it easy to implement.


  1. Ooh, how nice! This turned out great! I do believe you have a winner 🙂 It is our experience with chickens that they like their nesting place to be cozy, dark and clean. I think you hit all three right on! We have experimented with a few different nesting ideas. Our chickens always go for the same ones, the cozy, dark and clean ones. We have some that are dark, some that are clean (cleaner, I should say), and some that are cozy, but if they are not all three, the chickens poo-poo them. Silly creatures. Thank you for sharing this.


    1. Hello Kerri – Thanks for the encouragement. I didn't even think about the dark factor but you are completely correct. In the past we used wood boxes we built with lids that had wire bottoms allowing them to sit off the ground but still easy to get into. The hens loved them but over time the weather was a bit ruff on the wood. This was my replacement idea and I do hope it works out. I have fourteen hens – planned on downsizing but hubby said why. It will be interesting to see if I'll have to make another one of these setups. Thanks for stopping by to share and hope to hear from you again.


  2. such a great diy and appreciate the tute. I don't have chickens yet but one day!!

    1. Glad you liked it – The chickens have enjoyed checking them out. They should start laying eggs in another month.
      Thanks for stopping by it's always nice to hear from you.

  3. daisy g says:

    Great job! Isn't it wonderful when these practical projects are cost free? ;0)

    1. Yes I have to admit the cost free projects are my favorite. Today I was working on a Sheep shelter an almost cost free project just a couple sheets of plywood and it will be done. Not to bad. -Carole

  4. Hello sweet lady! So cool. Pinned. We appreciate you taking the time to party with us. We hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm. We love partying with you!
    Happy Sunday! Lou Lou Girls

    1. I will be there – Make sure you stop by here Tuesday to link up – Got a fun Giveaway too!

  5. JBArts says:

    You are amazing! I wish I had a bigger yard so I could do things like this. I know a lady who turned an acre of her yard into a giant veggie garden and then two acres into a chicken coup and run. My hubby actually built her chicken coup. She has 80 chickens…and then she donates the eggs and veggies to the local food banks! She is amazing. Someday when I get my dream home I will have chickens running around bringing us fresh eggs! Thanks for linking up to totally Terrific Link party! Link party is now LIVE hope you make it back and link up more awesome goodies!

    1. Hello Jess – thanks for the compliment. Chickens are fun but to be completely honest I prefer the quail. Giving eggs to the food bank, I like that idea because I'm going to have way more than I need once they start laying which I think will be around Christmas. I already linked up – Love that party! -Make sure you link up today here and enter to win the giveaway! Carole

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