Moving Quail and Natural Beauty

Moving Quail to the Sanctuary

The weather was fantastic Sunday so I decided to move the quail into their new home.  Catching each one turned into a sport by sifting through the tall grass.

To my surprise I had nine quail instead of eight, the brown ones camouflage perfectly.  Using the cat carrier to gather them seemed like a good idea, it’s light and they scooted towards the back every time I opened the door to place a new one inside.

When we arrived to their new location in the garden they seemed pretty stressed and not very interested in leaving the carrier.  After a little nudge they slowly walked out one by one, almost in a line and then scattered towards the grass.

I quickly realized this new home will be an adjustment because it’s larger with more natural elements to explore.

In a couple days these birds will figure out where they landed and I do believe they will love it here.  Many bugs await their attention and new friends will be arriving soon.

This little cutie appeared to be the leader and the curious one; it went investigating everything while cruising through the piles of intertwined wood.

For a domestic quail, the coturnix have some pretty awesome instincts and before long they’ll find tall grass, make new nest areas and finally call this place home.

It’s my hope that over the next few months I can enjoy watching them experience this large sanctuary.

 Moving Coturnix Quail to a new sanctuary that large with room to fly. #CoturnixQuail, #Quail


  1. daisy g says:

    They look so sweet. I'm sure they'll love their new digs. Thank you for sharing on this week's Maple Hill Hop.

    1. They are loving their new digs – Today I went out and checked in on them and a couple decided to fly. Loving it really is going to be wonderful to have them nest to the garden.

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