Moving Quail and Natural Beauty

Moving Quail to the Sanctuary

The weather was fantastic Sunday so I decided to move the Quail into their new home.  Catching them turned into a sport as I sifted through the tall grass to find them.

To my surprise I had nine quail instead of eight.  I used the cat carrier to gather them up and off to the garden we went.

They seemed pretty stressed and not very interested in leaving the carrier.  After a little nudge they slowly walked out one by one, almost in a line and then scattered towards the grass.

I quickly realized this new home will be an adjustment.  In a couple days these birds will figure out where they landed and I do believe they will love it here.  Many bugs await their attention and new friends will be arriving soon.

This little cutie seemed to be the leader and the curious one; it went around investigating everything while cruising through the piles of intertwined wood.  Their instincts are fantastic and before I knew it they were all covered by grass blending in their new environment.

It’s my hope that over the next few months I can enjoy the natural beauty around me.  The majority of my inspiration is gathered from my surroundings, it’s a blessing to see so much beyond what I ever thought possible.

 Moving Quail to the Sanctuary


  1. daisy g says:

    They look so sweet. I'm sure they'll love their new digs. Thank you for sharing on this week's Maple Hill Hop.

    1. They are loving their new digs – Today I went out and checked in on them and a couple decided to fly. Loving it really is going to be wonderful to have them nest to the garden.

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