Transplanting Seedlings

When I started my fall garden everything was planted by direct seed.  I’m getting back to basics because I just prefer gardening this way.  I dropped a few of the broccoli seeds during the process and when germination arrived my seedling were unorganized and overcrowded.

Our temperatures are still warm with cold fronts coming and going; a cold front here is 70 degrees.  It’s important to transplant seedlings during the early stages so I decided evening was best time of day to begin.

 Starting the Transplanting Process

Make sure the soil is wet, yes I drown the bed in water as seen in the first photo and then I let it sit to soak in. This takes about 15 to 20 minutes. This gives me plenty of time to water the rest of my garden.  If you’re soil is already nice and moist you can skip this step.

Dig Up and Relocate

I use a small hand shovel and carefully dig up the plant, because the soil is wet the labor involved is minimal and the root system is free from shock.

Once I remove the plant I take it over to its new destination by digging a small hole and carefully placing the plant.  Notice when I dig up the plant I’m taking a large amount of dirt with me.  This is a very important part of the process because I’m not disturbing the root system.


Perfectly Transplanted

The next morning I went to see how things looked and we have success in this covered raised bed.  All the plants were bright and perky and shouldn’t need watering for a couple days.

Remember to keep an eye on new transplanted seedlings because lack of water is what crushes the process.  Use this same transplanting method with other seedlings, it’s simple and takes very little effort.

Transplanting Seedlings Get these helpful Tips


  1. daisy g says:

    Just lovely! I hope you'll share this outdoor post on this week's Maple Hill Hop!

    1. I will have to check it out. -Carole

  2. Karen says:

    I've never given plants that much water before transplanting, but I think I'm going to make that a new practice. Your broccoli looks like it is off to a great start! I'm not as far along as that yet – fall planting always sneaks up on me since it stays hot for so long.
    Thanks for sharing with us at Wake Up Wednesday!

    1. I know it looks like a lot of water but it really does help the plant from wilting during the transplanting process. That broccoli has doubled in size too – we finally got rain – when I water like this the soil stays moist for days. Fall planting can be tricky and I agree it sneaks up. It's still warm here too – Looks like middle 80's this afternoon. I would be happier if we could get into a comfy 70 something. Thanks for stopping by always nice to hear from you. -Carole

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~Cathy Mini~

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