November Checklist

November arrived with cooler temperatures; there is definitely a brisk movement in the air.

We have roses still blooming after enjoying 70 and 80 degree temperatures from October, what a treat!

The garden is pretty quiet abut now, but there are a few quick things to remember especially if you planted a fall garden.  I’m going to dive in and hope these tips will help you through the month of November.

Veggie Garden

No freeze here yet, which is great!  Make sure you’re prepared by having tarps or burlap handy for covering plants; a freeze can hit any time once November arrives.

I believe we’re expected to see one around the 13th; it’s always a mystery.  By covering your plants you can extent your fall garden pretty much through winter depending on how low the temperatures become over the winter period.

Covering the ground with hay or mulch is another way to protect your veggies even when temperatures are in the mild mid 40’s.

Remember you’ll still need to cover them prior to freezing temperatures.


The Fruit Garden

This is the time to prune grapevines and fruit trees.  I like to get it done now because the weather is so unpredictable in January and February.

You’ll also want to mulch before the end of the month, straw or hay would work fine.  Don’t forget pruned branches are great for propagating.  Just stick them in an empty beds with good fertilized soil and they will take root.

I do this with berry cuttings all the time.


The Flower Garden

There isn’t much to do in the floral garden except enjoy what’s still trying to bloom.  For my garden that would be roses, a few mums and this amazing pink planter I will share at a later date.  Everything else is just quiet with a combination of green everywhere.

The ground is normally pretty damp this time of year which means it’s a good time to clean up lawn and flower borders around the raised beds.  I also recommend spreading leafs and manure in these beds.

This will spark a beautiful spring as plants will be revived and ready to wake up.

Flowers are an important part of the garden; they offer many benefits and have a great way of brightening our day.

With winter approaching this is the perfect time to sit back and read your notes from your year and use them to help you plan over the winter for the following season.  If you might need a garden planner then sign up for our newsletter we have one free for download in our resource library.

Make plans for the future and perhaps think about adding in a little color next season.


  1. The roses are blooming like crazy at our house too! Even people who hate Houston would love this weather!

    1. You must be located in Houston? I lived in down there for a year when I was first married. It was fun but the humidity was more than I could handle. Which is funny because it can be just as humid where I live now.

  2. Karen says:

    I've grown to love fall gardening – I can actually grow lettuces throughout the winter, with proper protection on the few freezing nights, and it's so rewarding to have a fresh salad in winter right from the garden. On the flip side, we have to purchase it in the summer!
    The cooler weather has me already thinking of seed catalogs and making spring planting plans. I started a new perennial this year – echinacea, and look forward to adding a new one each spring (and learning about them as I go). I love starting from seeds!

    Do you do much indoor seed starting? I'd love to see your ideas on how to do that. I usually use a south-facing window, but I'd really like to use a planter/light system this year instead.

    Thanks for sharing another great post. I always look forward to seeing what's new in your yard and garden.

    1. Hello Karen, nice to hear from you. I actually don't have the patience for starting seeds indoors and last weekend my son helped me take down the greenhouse. I prefer direct seed planting and I also enjoy starting plants from cuttings. I have better luck this way. . I will recommend Mary's Heirloom Seeds – the best I've ever purchased so glad I found her. I do have some posts on the garden page where I did seed starting indoors earlier this year. Using lights is good and if you find the seed tray post you could build something similar and add lights. Hope that helps. Starting seeds indoors is really neat for the kids though because watching the experience through there eyes is wonderful. -Carole

  3. I need to get on planning our garden! We moved in may and haven't set up gardens yet. And I don't know how to garden. Will be checking back for resources!

    1. Make sure you subscribe Kirsten I'm happy to help new gardeners. -Carole

  4. Would love to start gardening, but I have a crazy dog who loves to dig! Maybe someday! Love your blog!

    1. Oh Michelle I have something that might help. It's called the covered raised bed. Keeps my digging dogs out and everything else. You can find that post on the Garden Space Page. Also have a neat fence project that is linked up on the Workshop page. Having a fenced off garden space is wonderful. Hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by to share. -Carole

  5. Marigene says:

    What a beautiful rose! Have a great weekend, Carole.

    1. Hope you have a great weekend too Marigene. I'm kicking back letting my toe heal.
      Resting is a hard thing when your use to being active. -Carole

  6. Hello beautiful! Great list. Pinned. Thank you for taking the time to stop by! I hope to see you at our party tonight, it starts at 7 pm. We love to party with you!
    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

    1. Hey You! I love your comments so upbeat they just make me smile. I'll see you tonight and don't forget for you all to stop by tomorrow morning and link up here. Starts at 6 am central.
      Have a great evening

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