Pretty in Pink Planter

I love pink flowers they simply grab my attention like no other.  There is a sense of warmth that captures my heart with the combination of pink so I decided to put together a pink planter.

When I worked in the floral industry the joke was when pink flowers disappeared I was to blame. One time I even found a way to incorporate a unique shade of pink into a fall arrangement.

I had a lot of fun back then; it was the perfect career choice that fed my thirst for creativity.

Last summer I purchased several blooming plants for photo opportunities.

Some of these plants did great whiles others missed regular watering and failed to thrive.

I finally cut those back, put together a watering schedule and it didn’t take long for them to revive.  It’s amazing what a little love and care will do for a plant.

I have to admit, I’m not very good at container planting, it’s an art of its own that I’m working on improving.

A friend of mine creates amazing planters and I look forward to the day she may share her secrets with me.

This planter has revived into a bit of wonderful and I can only hope it will continue to bloom beautiful shades of pink through winter.  This means I’ll be covering it prior to freezing temperatures because wouldn’t it be nice to have all this pink blooming when spring arrives?



  1. Helen says:

    So pretty! I love all the different shades mixed together.

    1. This was fun the first freeze took it away so now I'm looking forward to starting over in the Spring. Thanks for stopping by to share. -Carole

  2. daisy g says:

    What a pretty bouquet. Thanks for sharing this outdoor post on this week's Maple Hill Hop!

  3. Everything is so grey and cold outside our window, it's nice to see some color! I'm still learning with container gardening too…ok, I intend on learning as I haven't actually done it yet.

    Rebekah from Charming Imperfections

    1. Hello Rebekah -The freeze came and took half of this planter away but that's okay I now have the pictures to enjoy. Container planting is a hard one for me, I don't even do good with indoor plants. I might have to read up on that this winter. Thanks for stopping by to share. -Carole

  4. Karen says:

    Your planter is beautiful, Carole! It reminds me of the beautiful arrangements at the garden centers each spring. I always want to buy way more of those than I need to.
    Thank you for sharing and for bringing your post to Wake Up Wednesday.

    1. This was fun – container planting is something that I'm learning as I have not had the best success with. I like to have them here and there for a splash of color. -Carole

  5. Hello gorgeous! Beautiful! Pinned and tweeted. I hope to see on Monday at 7 pm. We love to party with you! Happy Saturday~Lou Lou Girls

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