A Beautiful Surprise

When December 1st arrived my first thought for the day was, let the holiday madness begin and a sense of feeling overwhelmed surfaced.

Then I received a text from a friend telling me I have something coming in the mail later that day.  I smiled and thought I wonder what it could be?

I went about my day trying to stay focused reminding myself to stay positive and thankful for the blessings upon us.

It was cold Monday and my movements were in slow motion, then around 4 pm the dogs began barking because the UPS man was standing at the gate with a huge box and then I remembered that text.

I approached the gate and after seeing the size of the box I had an idea what it might be – But for some reason I was thinking evergreens.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest where evergreens are at your fingertips.  I lived in a small town on a hill where the main road was lined with cedar trees.  The scent after a rainy day was like heaven.

I love evergreens and it’s the one thing I miss this time of year.

When this packaged arrived I quickly brought it indoors, ripped through the cardboard like a little kid and sure enough it was a beautiful evergreen wreath called Woodland Berry.

The detail is perfection and I just sat there smelling it.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep it outdoors or inside so I placed it on the front door for a couple days through our cold front and then later brought it inside and placed it it above the fireplace.  The fireplace that we don’t use…

Where to Get Evergreens

Evergreens just make Christmas come alive and depending where you live you may have a different variety available to you.  Here in the south we have pin on our farm and that’s about it.
But I just can’t imagine Christmas without some kind of fresh evergreens so this will be a welcome addition and just the kick I needed to get excited about holiday decorating.

I’m very blessed to have this awesome friend. She’s the best and we met over 20 years ago while working in a flower shop.

I’m feeling thankful for the good things that are in my life right now.  Remembering others and taking time to enjoy is something that I believe in during the Christmas season.


  1. Beautiful wreath Carole. Thank you for sharing! I do agree it is alittle more difficult finding some greenery and evergreens here in Houston. I grew up in Oklahoma and lived there and Arkansas most of my life. No big deal to find in either state. Thank goodness for nurseries huh? Enjoy your wreath and thank you for your blog, I have benefited so much from reading.

    Vickie in Houston

    1. Hello Vickie, I lived in Houston the first year my husband and I we're married so I know what you're talking about . We have pine and weird looking cedar trees on our farm but when we don't get enough rain they don't always have that wow factor of green. I agree thank goodness for Nurseries, flower shops too because they always have what I want. Thanks for stopping by to share and I'm happy to hear this blog has been helpful to you. That's Awesome! -Carole

  2. The is nothing that smells Christmas like a fresh pine wreath, and yours is beautiful. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

    1. Thanks Kathy – it's been great to have evergreens in the home. Kind of a rare treat in Texas. I'll see you Sunday afternoon that is such a fun party. -Carole

  3. Karen says:

    I'm so glad you shared this! What a sweet friend you have who knows you so well. The wreath is beautiful and I can imagine how wonderful it must smell.
    I've been thinking of scouting the edges of fields for some evergreens to make a wreath with this year. They're just so iconic of the season, and have so much more character than the artificial wreaths I usually use.
    Thanks for sharing and for bringing your post to Wake Up Wednesday. Enjoy your wreath!

    1. Hello Karen – this is an sweet friend and I'm loving this wreath. Bringing in some fresh pine later this week. I have so many things to share this month. Wait till you see what I made yesterday. Love that party!

  4. Lysa Wilds says:

    What a wonderful surprise and friend! It is absolutely beautiful and I'm sure it smells great as well. Thank you for sharing with us on the Oh My Heartsie Girls Wordless Wednesday Link Party. We hope you will join us again next week as well.

    Wishing you a FABULOUS week.
    Co-Host OMHGWW

    1. It does smell grand. Feeling very blessed and getting ready to bring in some pine later this week.
      See you next week. – Make sure you subscribe I share lots of great insights and giveaways for subscribers.

  5. Hannah says:

    Your post was a reminder to me to appreciate what is around me. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest my entire life and can't imagine life without the evergreen trees everywhere. Sometimes its good to be reminded about the gifts right before us. Enjoy your wreath!

    1. I have been enjoying this wreath – this time of year I kind of miss the PNW – but not the rain. LOL. I was born and raised up there so I get what you're saying. The cedar was always my favorite. Hope you have a nice Christmas!

  6. I've been thinking of and wanting a fresh wreath this year… this is gorgeous! What a lovely friend you have! I would keep it indoors too!

    Thanks so much for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  7. JBArts says:

    This is so pretty! What a great friend you have! Its always nice to get something other than bills in the mail but to get something this thoughtful and beautiful…would make my whole week!! Thanks for linking up at Totally Terrific Tuesday!
    See you monday night 🙂

    1. Yep it pretty much set up my whole month so far and all decorating was based around it's simplicity of beauty. I'm very blessed and yes she is a great friend. Thanks for stopping by to share and I'll see you Monday. -Carole

  8. What a great gift to receive from a friend and just what you needed to get your decorating going. lol, I have not even started. I got out my little trees and they sit staring at me. Thanks for linking this week on The Oh My Heartsie Girls WW.
    *Happy Holidays*

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