Sheep Fertilizer Perks

Sheep fertilizer is a wonderful benefit to the garden.

I have a growing flock of 10 Jacobs and I’m praying for ewe lambs this spring which means regardless there will be plenty of fertilizer for the garden.

This ewe is Snow White she delivered twins earlier this month.

I refer to them as the wonder twins because the cold doesn’t bother them a bit.

I love Jacob Sheep; it was my husband who introduced them to me about four years ago.  I don’t just raise them for the fertilizer; we also have them for the purpose of fiber, hides and meat.

Granny is the oldest in my flock and this will be her last year to lamb, she’s going into retirement where she can live a happy life here on the farm with nothing to do but eat and fertilize the fields.

I’m expecting her to lamb sometime in February.

It’s always hard to tell because she show’s zero signs and gives birth with little effort.

The Fertilizer Perks

Sheep Fertilizer is wonderful and it’s easy to gather because they stop in place to go to the bathroom.  When ewes are pregnant they can leave behind a hefty pile making it easy to gather with a shovel.

They don’t reuse the same space like llamas; you have to travel through the pasture to find it.

We implemented rotational grazing so when a pasture is vacant I normally go out and gather up the large piles leaving the rest behind to mix in the ground.

The additional pastures sit vacant for about 2-3 weeks between use, this allows the land to repair and become free of parasites.

Their fertilizer is great because you can add it to the garden right away.  It’s referred to as cold manure because it’s low in nitrogen.

I apply it directly to raise beds twice a year, in the winter and at the end of spring planting.

Sheep manure is a natural slow- release fertilizer, the nutrients provide adequate nourishment for a garden as its high in both phosphorus and potassium which makes it a great option.

These are essential nutrients for plant growth establishing strong roots, defense against pests where beautiful plants transpire.

Like the llama manure it’s also odor free and some gardeners have even used sheep manure like mulch.  A raised bed that has a high level of natural matter drains well and has a greater number of earth worms which is good for your garden.

I have so many worms in my garden that the chickens come running when they see the shovel at work.

A Beautiful Garden

A beautiful garden begins with your soil; it’s the most important part of the process.  I have several posts on fertilizing; I’d like to encourage you to read them if you’re experiencing difficulties or looking for a way to simplify the fertilizing process.

Now this is Penny, she is the sweetest little ewe who’s expecting her first lamb this season.  But I got to tell you she is a pain to sheer, her fiber is thick that when’s expecting it’s hard to tell how far along she might be.

She has been a wonderful fertilizer producer this year and honestly she rarely complains.  She has brought me a lot of joy!

Think about adding Sheep fertilizer to your garden and if you don’t have access to it find a sheep farmer who may be willing to share.

Sheep fertilizer also known as a cold manure is fantastic for the garden and offers many benefits for healthy soil. Learn More here. #GardenFertilizer, #Gardensoil, #GardenTips



  1. Sparkling says:

    THose lambs are so cute! They must be so comical! I love that you have sheep!

  2. Thank you for sharing your adorable lambs and gardening tips! We are considering having sheep sometime in the future – so I'm always looking to learn more about them and what it takes to keep them. ~julie

    1. I really enjoy my Jacob Sheep – they're a heritage breed and excellent foragers. Excellent instincts too!

  3. Lysa Wilds says:

    Awww the baby lambs are soooo adorable. Thank you for linking-up with us at the Oh My Heartsie Girls Wordless Wednesday Link Party.

    Wishing you an awesome week!

    Co-Host OMHGWW

  4. They are so fluffy! Thanks for sharing at OMHG WW this week!

  5. Thanks for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop!
    I love sheep!! They are a great addition to a homestead 🙂
    Good luck with your lambing season.

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