DIY Wall Planter

There are days when the workshop calls and creativity must be released.  I spent part of yesterday making this wall planter that now hangs near our front door.

Bright colors against the natural wood have lightened up our entry so that afternoon in the workshop was well spent.

This project involved using old wood and recycling a neat vase I found at the thrift store. For details on drilling holes in ceramic take a look at the Outdoor Hanging Planter.

Project Supplies

I used a drill, jigsaw, and hammer to assemble.   The weathered stained wood was left over from some old projects so I took it a part to help settle on a new design and began cutting the wood to the appropriate size.

There was no measuring involved, I was basically playing and cutting the wood to accent the vase.  I wasn’t even sure if the copper wire would work but towards the end I found it added a neat blend next to the vase.

Wood Assembly

Once all the wood I placed them flat to decide how I wanted things to look.

Then I flip the whole thing over and screw the boards in place from the back.  I used a total of eight screws which was a pretty quick step.

The next move forward involved a little creative thinking that took me to the jig saw and I was so involved with this step I forgot to take photos.

Jigsaw Fun + Vase

The result game me a couple pieces of wood that would outline the planter once attached to the base.  They flared out like the letter v so I decided to work with it.

Those swirl board were added carefully with finishing nails to the top and bottom cross boards.

Then I set the planter in the center drilling a couple holes in the bottom and sides of the vase.  One hole for drainage and the other two are for connecting the container to the wood using copper.

I added a couple drill holes for the wire to slide through and needle nose pliers to help bend the copper in fun shapes.

 Attaching the Planter

Attaching the planter was a little tricky so I started from the bottom first;and slide the wire through the holes I drilled earlier.

After pulling the wire through I was able to secure the base of the planter perfectly.

Adding Top Wire + Stain

Finally take the rest of your copper and cut it in half.  I used a total of 5 ft for this project.  Add to each side and thread through before twisting to a close.  Go around the swirl bar with the wire to connect.

Once the wire is shaped to your liking it’s time to add a rope to hang.

Drill two holes, thread and tie off in knots to hang.

Add another coat of dark stain using a rag and wipe off any access.  It should dry pretty fast but if you don’t like stain you could also finish with paint.


The finishing touches include adding a nice blooming plant and finding a place outdoors to hang.

Putting things together is something that never gets old and it’s a nice break from my regular routine.

This planter reminds me of spring and remember part of the fun in creating these projects is adding your own creative flair.

Make a fun planter using recycled materials and a little copper for finishing details. This is a fun way to add character to the front door. #DIYPlanter, #Recycle, #Planters


  1. Hi Carole, I love your wall planter idea, it turned out really cute!!!

    1. Glad you like it. I enjoy having something colorful to view every time I walk outdoors. Do you like to build fun projects too? -Carole

  2. Oh, so sweet, thanks for sharing this.

  3. daisy g says:

    That is so adorable! I could see a bevy of them up the side of a wall with herbs planted in them. Fabulous!

    1. Great idea – Now when you get that done I want to see it. 🙂 I am loving having this near the front door. It's bright and welcoming. -Carole

  4. So adorable! This would really add something to a back yard deck.

    Thanks for sharing on the Shine Blog Hop!

    1. Thanks Tifffany. I have it near my front door and have enjoyed the bright welcome every time I arrive back home. -Carole

  5. Anni says:

    So pretty! I probably would have painted the flower pot, but I guess that's just me. Not really into flowers 😉

  6. I love this and am featuring this tomorrow!! Thanks for Linking Up on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday – Link Party! Hope to see you again tomorrow! Pinned

    1. Glad you enjoyed! This was really fun to create. I'll see you later today to link up and thank you for the feature and pin. -Carole

  7. Joy Mooiweer says:

    This is so pretty, bright and cheerful, perfect for spring! I don't usually hang anything on my front door during spring, but you are inspiring me to start. Thanks for sharing at What'd You Do This Weekend? I hope you will join us again this Monday!

    1. So glad you stopped by Joy. I normally skip spring and summer by the front door too. I decided this year that would change. My thought was life should be celebrated every day not just on holidays. Hope you're having a great day! -Carole

  8. This looks amazing! You are so talented. Pinned and tweeted. Thanks for being a part of our party. I hope to see you tonight at 7 pm. Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

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