Garden Destination

The garden is my place where relaxation and hard work come face to face.  What does your garden say to you?  Does it make you happy?

Or do you look at it feeling an overhaul is necessary?

In the beginning we had a very large garden it was a half acre dirt field where lots of wonderful things grew.

I remember looking at that field in the beginning of every spring feeling overwhelmed like it needed to shrink.

Over time I began decreasing the garden so it was manageable for one person.

Before long I was walking into a space that felt welcoming.

There are times when I sit here listening to silence because it’s calming.  I’ve also found the garden to be a wonderful place to pray.

Garden planning takes time, I don’t believe it’s something you can slap together in a season and say I’m done.

Having a destination plan promotes working towards a visual goal; it’s a great motivator even if it may take a few years to accomplish.

I’ve settled on eight raised beds with plenty of space to grow food and flowers.  We enjoy eating fresh food over canned so the idea of planting large crops doesn’t peak our interest anymore.  If that ever changes we have enough open space for expanding.

We refer to our home as a farm; others might call it a homestead.  Deep down though it’s a place where we finished raising our family and the garden has turned out to be where my future begins to unfold.

We see a chapter beginning to close while a new one is standing by waiting to begin.

A garden destination is a must, do you have one?


  1. daisy g says:

    What a wonderful way to think about it. I am "overhauling" my garden now, adding veggie beds and trading up spaces for ornamentals. It's a great idea to take a step back and see how far you've come. I think I need to do an evolutionary post of our garden. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. You're welcome – Glad you enjoyed. I plan to do a virtual garden tour later this summer. Should be fun.

  2. My dream is to have a garden space like this one day. Loved your post! Gardening has always taught to be patient, patient, patient. 🙂

    1. Completely agree – patience is a big lesson and more fun to learn in the garden, My Grandma use to tell me, Rome wasn't built in a day and to remember that when gardening. I just think if we keep at it and have that destination as a goal we'll get to the moment where all good things come to those who wait. Hope you enjoy a great day! Carole

  3. I wish I had this much room to garden!! You have an awesome set up!!


    1. This is really more space than I need to garden. We're planning to sell in a year so I'll be starting from scratch again. That will be a fun process to share too. Starting from a blank canvas is fun!

  4. I love these beds, and I WANT that metal rooster! Pinning!

    1. Thank you – I have two of those chickens – they're actually night lights. I love them! -Carole

  5. Gentle Joy says:

    Very nice beds… and I find my garden is constantly in transistion… and growing to be more what we need and want. 🙂

    1. Our garden was more about food when we first moved here too. Guess we're just prepping more for a empty nest lifestyle, which is weird. I'm transitioning there too. LOL

  6. You're so lucky to be living with greenery around you instead of tall buildings! I like how you put gardening as a growing process and cannot be rushed- just like life itself. Have a great week!

    1. Agree very blessed it's green here. The bright green will slow down once the temperatures start to rise. Hope you enjoy a great week too! -Carole

  7. I see that you have the 'golf course green' there as well! We had a week of rain and I had to mow grass already ! 🙂

    Your place is lovely; what a view! 🙂

    1. It poured rain today which means my golf course will need mowing again soon. Hard to keep up this time of year. I'm blessed we do have a nice view around us and a lot of natural life.
      Thanks for stopping by – Carole

  8. Deborah says:

    I do love all that green grass! Your little set-up is quite cute too. Have you already figured out just what you want in your new place, or are you still figuring it out?

    1. Still figuring it out, I do know that I want to build everything with detail and stay away from upcycling pieces. I like doing that but I want the next garden to be a new idea instead of repeating. -Carole

  9. Thanks for linking up on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday!! Hope to see you tomorrow!! Pinned!!

  10. JoAnna says:

    I have two gardens and aspire to homestead. I can never go off the grid or handle a huge farm but I'd like some animals. And not the kind that like to get into my garden and steal things!!

    Your raised beds with the white wood and chicken wire: how do you maintain them? Do you climb in there? They look too high to be able to plant without getting inside. I'm curious because I created a small raised bed but it's wide enough that unless I step in the middle of it, I'm uncomfortable reaching the other side.

    1. Hello Joanna – those beds are called covered raised beds – I have a couple posts about them and how they work on the Home and Garden page. I love them they just lift open (they're on hinges) and that's how I get inside. When I'm done I just close them. -Carole

  11. Hello gorgeous! I love seeing your masterpieces.Thank you for bringing such great things to our party. Pinned and tweeted. I hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm.. Lou Lou Girls

  12. mickie mclaughlin says:

    I am sooooo happy I found your blog last year and I eagerly read every post. Do you have ONE post where you describe how to build some of your garden enclosures and trellises? I am now forming ideas on what to do this year but cannot remember which of your blogs have what pictures…ha ha

    My six raised beds are just plain……chickens keep getting into them before plants get a chance to grow very big. Also, my “rickety” trellises for the cukes and beans were terrible last year. I plan to do better this year, so am now trying to come up with ideas. Thanks Carole. mickie

    1. Carole says:

      Those chickens can be such a pain so I think you would really like the covered raised bed. It’s under Raised beds and Projects, For Garden. They don’t include building plans but they’re super easy to build, it’s just a 2 x 4 frame similar to how I would assemble a box chicken coop frame. Anyways you can build these covers short or tall which is fantastic!!! They work perfectly and if you think the 2 x 4′ frame may be to heavy you could use 2 x 3’s. Another thing I’ve done was use liter soda bottles to cover the plants until they got large enough so the chickens couldn’t destroy them. That post is under beginners I think or you could do a search. Hope that helps and I’m so glad you’re enjoying it here. I have so many fun new projects planned for this year and as soon as I can get outside to build it’s going to be epic.

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