Scrap Wood Swirl Birdhouse

It’s been five years since we moved on our farm and that first year was pretty quiet.

We focused our energy on establishing a large garden, raising chickens, rabbits and cows.  Moving forward was a lot of work, leaving little time anything else.

We noticed after that first year our hard work was benefiting the land, good wildlife began visiting and some even stayed.  All varities of birds appeared like, red cardinals, blue birds, road runners, and mocking birds, Robert has even seen a few quail prior to raising our own.

Bird nests started showing up all over the farm and the next spring an array of birds surrounded.

The music was mystical and pleasantly peaceful.

Gardeners can benefit from wild birds because they help deplete the bug population.  Having birdhouses available for them to occupy is like placing a welcome sign at the front door.

Yesterday creativity came knocking so I decided to build a little birdhouse from scrap wood.

Cutting Swirls using a Jigsaw

I’ve been taken away with swirl cutting recently.  I do this using a jig saw and I’m thinking it would be much easier with a scroll saw.

If you stabilize the wood with a clamp the jigsaw works good but take note you’ll need a strong arm because one wrong move and you could easily cut yourself.

I always wear gloves when cutting wood as a reminder to stay focused.

This project was made from cedar scrap wood, it was a good choice for cutting swirls because it’s soft.

I began at one end and cut through, there’s no pattern to follow unless you draw one on the wood prior to cutting.

Sometimes I just like to work in the moment.

Assembly with finishing nails.

Once all the wood is cut it’s time to assemble the birdhouse with finishing nails, a few drilled holes for the final touches to hold the wire perch at the bottom and the ribbon.

This house will make a nice presentation in someone’s backyard and a cozy home for the birds.

If you enjoyed today’s birdhouse let me know.  My goal yesterday was to place in the garden but unfortunately during morning chores a pile of wood caught my attention and I started building again.

Birdhouses are just a fun thing to create and if you like this style then you may enjoy the step by step building plans for our red cardinal birdhouse here.

This one is a little boxy but just as fun with more ribbon details.


    1. Hello Vickie – Glad you liked this it was a fun project. Did you get your Luffa seeds Started yet?

  1. Terry says:

    Adoreable bird house, I bet it was fun to make

    1. Hello Terry – It was a lot of fun – Stay tuned because I'll be giving this away later this month. -Carole

  2. daisy g says:

    That is adorable! I agree that there's nothing quite like the sound of the birds' songs in the morning. I don't build, but this project looks like fun. Great use of scraps, we really go for the repurposed stuff around here.

    1. Thanks Daisy. I did have fun making this. Repurposed is great, I have a lot of scrap wood so my goal is to use it all up on fun projects this year. Stay tuned for more fun! -Carole

    2. daisy g says:

      Thanks for joining the link up this week!

  3. AuntieGing says:

    Did you recieve?

  4. AuntieGing says:

    Absolutely darling. Perhaps Daddy God's housing in Heaven? Love your Creative Spirit.

    1. Perhaps yes God's house in Heaven. Thank you for your sweet words, seems creativity has been knocking on my door. Next up need to get the garden planted.. -Carole

  5. Absolutely darling, Carole! Love this!

  6. This is GORGEOUS! My girls love birds/bird watching. They would love something like this.

    Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  7. Lois says:

    What a great idea, I have plenty of scrap wood and a jigsaw and not enough uses for all the wood.

    1. Awesome! – Would love to see what you come up with. -Carole

  8. You make the cutest things. Pinned and tweeted. We appreciate you being a part of our party. Please stop by on Monday at 7 pm. Happy Saturday! Lou Lou Girls

  9. Joy Mooiweer says:

    This is so pretty! Thanks for sharing at What'd You Do This Weekend? I hope you will join us again this Monday!

  10. Thanks for linking up on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday!! Hope to see you tomorrow!! Pinned!!

  11. Love this, you are a feature this week! Hugs Maria

    1. Hello Maria – Thank you for the feature. This is going to be up for a giveaway over at Deborah Jean's Dandelion's house soon. You could win it… Carole

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