African Violets in the Kitchen

Every time I see African Violets I’m reminded of my mom.

She had and probably still has a beautiful display of these cute little plants in her kitchen.

Growing up we always had green and blooming plants indoors; my mom never gave up carrying for these plants even when I thought they looked expired.

She displayed her African Violets in the kitchen near the window seal.  This room had skylight windows; the kitchen was my favorite room in the house because when the sun shined through; it felt amazing.  This was a huge perk in Washington State where it’s mostly pretty gray and damp.

I believe her collection of violets were gifts from friends, she was always the receiver of many wonderful treasures.

My mom was a hair dresser while she raised her family and her clients loved to bring her gifts as their way of saying thank you.

I remember those ladies, many were a real treat and I always enjoyed popping in the shop to say hello.  Most of these ladies watched me grow up and were always full of questions when I would stop by.

Growing up in a small town sometimes has its advantages and can also leave you with neat memories.

Where to Purchase Violets

The other day I was in Lowes, they had a wonderful display of African Violets which made me think about all those plants in my moms kitchen. I decided my kitchen needed a little color so I purchased one.

Violets are sold packaged in plastic with a rubber band around the stem of the plant.  Be extra careful when you remove the band because it would be easy to injure the plant.

Any upscale garden store should have African Violets for purchase.

The smaller private owned stores will almost always have a better selection.  I was a little surprised at all that Lowes had available, such a neat combination of colors.

Basic Care for African Violets

  • Lighting: Seek moderate to bright, indirect, indoor lighting.
  • Watering: Keep soil moist to dry allowing soil around the roots to dry out before watering; this will encourage blooming.  Remember to water from the bottom up using room temperature water.

To do this, keep your violets in the original plastic container and place plants in a pretty dish or pot. Water from the dish, add the potted plant and let it drink up for about 30 minutes.

You’ll notice I just used a bowl for this and it works great.

Purchase African violet plant food and follow the instructions on the label.

Caring Tips:  Pinch off all retired blossoms and stems, this will encourage new growth and remember to place away from drafty areas or bursts of cold air.

So far I’m enjoying this little bit of color in the kitchen, it makes me smile and brings back some neat memories.

Get simple care tips for African Violets. They make a great houseplant and add a bright cheery color to the kitchen. #AfricanViolets, #Houseplants


  1. Jenny says:

    I love African violets & have grown them for years. they are very easy to root so if your mom has different colors than yours just break off a leaf & bring it home with you the next time you visit. Keep the leaf stem in water until roots form then plant it.

    I keep mine outside on my screened porch during the summer. They love the very bright light & humidity of the summer months & bloom so well. My porch has a serving ledge/pass through in my kitchen window so I see them through the window & so enjoy them.

    I hope you enjoy yours as much as I've enjoyed mine!

    1. Hello Jenny – Thank you for all the great tips! I would love to have a screened area, perhaps with our next move which is approaching in another year I'll have to think about adding a nice screened in sitting space where I could also add orchids. I love those! Great ideas and thank you for stopping by to share. It's been almost six years since visiting my mom so yes I should make an attempt and get some cuttings; she did have a variety of colors. Currently looking for a farm sitter to make leaving possible. I love the lifestyle but sometimes there are draw backs. -Carole

  2. Karen says:

    I haven't tried violets in many years, but they are so very pretty. I have a wonderful kitchen window for this, so I'm adding Lowes to my errand day list. Thanks for the great information!

    1. Hello Karen, You're welcome! I'm enjoying this little one – still blooming so I guess it agrees with this window space. We have the worst lighting in this house. Think it was designed to stay cool. Which makes sense down south. Hope you find something pretty! -Carole

  3. They are so pretty. I wish I could grow them. I don't have nice windows. Thanks for sharing yours. Brings back memories of the ones my father grew when I was growing up!

    1. They are pretty and it was nice to see a large selection. I find memories are a positive they seem to enter here and there when we least expect it. Not sure if this window placement is the best, I do have another option but we'll see. The natural lighting in my home is the pits. Hope you have a great week. -Carole

  4. Jackie says:

    I always forget to empty the water that the violets don't absorb in about 30 mins and end up over watering them. They rot from the center out if this is occurs too often. Trust me on this. To avoid, I have some violet pots that are designed just for African Violets. I know you have all seen them. I pick them up at yard sales most of the time.

    1. I saw some violet pots while I was at the store and thought about getting one. I might have to do that, thanks for sharing I was wondering how those pots worked. -Carole

  5. It'll be cut flowers only in my kitchen 🙁 My kitchen is in the middle of the house and probably too far away from our dining window for plants to get enough light. But if I had a kitchen window, I'd have some plants there. I think your african violet is so pretty. I hope it does well!

    1. Hello Stacy – I love fresh flowers too! Actually they're my favorite – I use to be a florist and had the best time putting combinations together. I hope this violet does well too – it's why I only started with one because I wasn't sure about the lighting. Thanks for stopping by hope your weekend is a nice one.

  6. Hello beautiful! This looks so amazing. Pinned and tweeted. I hope to see you on Monday at 7pm because we love to party with you! Happy Memorial Day! Lou Lou Girls

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