Bobwhite Quail – Raise to Release

When the bobwhite quail arrived 18 days ago I shared how to set up a quail brooder.  Since then I’ve changed containers and added another allowing for more space with room to grow.

Things were going great that first couple of days and then a large loss of quail followed that first week.

The quail depart was frustrating, eventually they calmed down and after implementing a few changes everything turned around.  I still have a large quail flock that is now fully feathered and eager to meet the great outdoors.

At 18 days my goal was to share photos so you could see how fast they grow.  I was able to capture one bobwhite by itself as they wouldn’t stop moving.

This is when I decided a video might be a better route. Please ignore the rooster in the background; I think he was calling his hens as our Dixie dog was outside waiting for me.

Their growth is amazing, they doubled in size just this last week.  At this age, 12 weeks they’re not as large as the Coturnix quail.  Bobwhites grow slower and won’t be full grown for several more weeks.

Raise to Release

Many have asked why I have so many quail; this is a great question.
My goal from the beginning was to get experience raising our native breed and release some on our farm.  I’ve read it’s recommended to release at week four and five but our weather has been a bit of a stickler.

The quail won’t make it outdoors until the first part of June because the ground is a muddy mess. I have some areas that needs attention in the quail sanctuary before I feel comfortable letting them discover land.

We’re praying the rain will calm for awhile so things can dry out.

In the Meantime

In the meantime the quail remain in their brooders, waiting for that day of freedom.  It’s going to be exciting to watch them navigate throughout the sanctuary.

They can live there naturally and get comfortable outdoors before I release full time. I can’t imagine going from the brooder straight to nature.  It’s important to me they get acclimated prior to release.

Currently their instincts are strong; they enjoy meal worms in addition to their feed; I skipped fruit this time, due to the dark activity of last week.

We’re looking forward to releasing some of these quail; the best part will be observing and just enjoying the experience.

Raise to Release Bobwhite quail to help repopulate where they're declining. #Quail, #bobwhiteQuail