Tree Trunk Rustic Garden Planting

Earlier in the month you might remember we had a tree removed from our front yard.  I mentioned using some of that material throughout the farm and this rustic garden planting display was the first installment.

It’s been raining for weeks so the rest of the tree is sitting waiting for me to do something fun with it.  Also want to thank everyone who shared their ideas, that was very helpful and inspired my next move.

Did you know you can remove a tree stump by drilling holes and adding salt?  A reader shared this tip and I thought it was awesome!

You might also remember my discount plant purchase from last week?   I went plant shopping again and brought home a few more so I could finish this project.

The combination of tree, rust and old planters turned out to be a reminder that junk is in the eye of the holder.

Let me start with saying that I don’t normally collect junk.  I have more of a clean out and get rid of personality.  But you know I do love old things and normally keep items that have a memory attached.

When we moved to our farm we found several piles of rustic pieces that I thought might have potential later.

Then a friend had barrel rings and these old planters well I just wasn’t ready to part with them.  When you put it all together you get a little bit of country.

The flowers are in the reviving stage because they came from the discount section.

Today we’ve had a break from rain and we’ve even been blessed with a little sunshine.  I’m finally seeing new blooms surface which is exciting for this barrel planter.

I have to add planting with the rustic rings was a little tricky.  To keep them steady I added the rings to the containers when they were empty and then began adding soil before planting.  Tried my best not to under plant yet allowing enough space for the plants to grow.
Gardening with a little junk can be fun but I think it’s important to say less is more and what a neat compliment to those tree trunks.


  1. Kim says:

    I have a lot of tree stumps and this has inspired me to create something like yours. I really like it. I have some of those barrel rings too. You have some great ideas here on your site.

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Kim – I do enjoy projects and would love to see what you put together with tree stumps.

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