DIY Reclaimed Wood Planter Boxes

You might remember my goal this year is to use up all the reclaimed and scrap wood.  We have a lot of it and I must admit I’ve been having fun finding creative ways to make it new again.  Today we’re building simple planter boxes with reclaimed 2 x 4 pieces.  
I added in a little enamel ware; I love a little vintage and filled everything with a variety of discount plants. Anybody can create a welcoming space with a little time and ability to think outside the box.  Today I’m sharing how easy it is to build these simple reclaimed wood planter boxes.


We’re building the tall planter box; for the others I’ve displayed use these same instructions by cutting the wood to the desired height.  After this project is assembled it will be heavy so build nearby where you plan to use them.  Or have someone move them for you.

Tool List & Safety Tips

  • Saw, I used a chop saw
  • Drill and screws
  • Safety goggles and gloves

Let’s Begin

Start this project with new 2 x 4’s if you don’t have scrap wood available.  I wanted to make this planter 8 stacks high, you can decide how wide you want your pieces and then begin marking each board prior to cutting.

You’ll end up with 4 stacks of 2 x 4’s that are eight boards high for this project.  You will also need four corner pieces; these will hold the planter box together.  Once everything is marked with the proper dimensions go ahead and cut.

Lining Everything Up

I carefully lined everything with the help of my chickens.  Every time I build they show up, it’s the craziest thing.  Use the drill and make sure your screws are nearby.

Putting it all Together

Line up your corner posts on a flat surface and add one stack of your 2 x 4 wood pieces.  Drill each wood piece in place using one screw per each side. Follow these steps until you have a wall; then build another wall.

Closing in the Planter Box

Take another stack of the 2 x 4’s and connect those walls, do the same thing on the other side until we have 4 walls attached.  We’re leaving the bottom open; I like to have my planters interact with the ground whenever possible.  It welcomes the worms which is good for the soil.

If you don’t like this idea then take another stack of 2 x 4’s and close the bottom using the drill.  Make sure you add drain holes or leave gaps if you close in the bottom.  It’s important to have good drainage.

Fill with Plants

I went with discount plants again; expense was around $15.   It will only take about a week and these beauties will be blooming again.

Whenever you purchase discount plants make sure you water them really well prior to planting and cut off any broken or expired blooms and foliage.

Before I added the plants I filled these planters with soil from the garden.  Make sure to add in some llama fertilizer and a little direct compost.

Finish and Enjoyment

Finishing touches are up to you, paint or stain would present a whole new look.  I left these plain for now because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.

I kind of like them in the different shades, it represents their age.  Some of these boards are from 5 years ago.  Hope you enjoyed this project, wasn’t it an easy one?

DIY Reclaimed Wood Planter Box Project


  1. Karen says:

    Definitely on my garden wish list for this season. These are stunning and the varying heights add so much interest. I also like how you stacked them in a bordered area and mulched with rocks (right?). Fantastic project – and I so appreciate how easy it is to assemble. Even I can do this!

    1. Carole says:

      These are so fun and I recently updated them over at the Molly Green Blog with stenciled signs. I placed these in the corner of our fire pit space in the backyard on the farm which yes with rocks. I agree so easy to duplicate and I look forward to doing so at our new property because these will stay here.

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