Moving Bobwhite Quail Outdoors

It’s been 2.5 weeks since the quail went outdoors to live, this was a wonderful day because it meant cleaning the brooder containers was over.

These quail are about 5.5 weeks and they love being outside.

When the bobwhites were in the brooder I noticed strong flock instincts; that remained true when we placed them in the sanctuary.  We have a total of seventy-five to roam this 60 ft. space.

Let’s go back to June 3rd, the rain finally came to a stop and these birds were ready to spread their wings.

I stalled putting them outdoors because the rain was something awful.  They were almost 4 weeks and my son helped carry the brooders to the sanctuary; what a blessing!

We had them divided in two groups of fifty and twenty-five and they were anxious sensing something was up when the light went out and the food and water were removed.

My original plan was to get this transition on video but I failed, for once I decided to capture the moment in real time.

It was slow going after removing the brooder lid, I was sure they would swarm in a hurry but that didn’t happen.  It took a few minutes and then finally with a little nudge they were off.

Watching the bobwhites roam and explore their outdoor habitat was really fun because these birds weren’t meant to be locked up in small confined spaces.

A couple weeks later they went through another growth spurt adding more color as they fill out.

Bobwhite quail are very different than the Coturnix and I can’t decide which one I prefer; they both have unique characteristics.

These quail are definitely busier; they march like soldiers in a row without leaving anyone behind.

Feedings are once a day and the rest of their diet is what they find in the sanctuary, this would include bugs and types of grass grain.

They’re fantastic hunters!

This video captures the bobwhite’s roaming the sanctuary, they seem to enjoy life and you never know what they will do next.

Their farm release date is approaching; in either July or August.  We won’t release the entire flock but we do plan to let some go in our area.

Beginning with these quail from the chick stage has been quite the experience. If you’re interested in raising quail on the ground let me recommend my Book, Quail Getting Started.

I wrote this book specifically for beginners who want to raise quail naturally outdoors in a protected environment.



  1. kelvin says:

    I have just fallen in love with quails, they taste nice, i have taken a step to start rearing them, i have pushed 59 eggs into the incubator waiting to see chicks after 17 days, lovely birds.

    1. Carole says:

      That’s awesome! I love these little birds too and they’re so easy to process which is another bonus. Thanks for sharing!!

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