Easy Reach Tall Raised Bed

Do you ever get tired of pulling weeds on your hands and knees?

Did you ever think wow it would be great to garden without the constant up and down motion? Well I believe there is a solution and after trial and error together Robert and I created this Easy Reach Raised Bed.  It’s taller and a safer option because it’s made from landscaping timbers.

Originally this project was inspired by the comments from others with health restrictions that keep them from gardening.   I’m a believer there is always a way to do what you love and it’s my hope this raised bed will be an answer for those with limitations.

You don’t need restrictions to see that a higher raised bed would be a blessing.  Adding a little dimension in the garden is a beautiful thing.

This nifty project is made from landscaping timbers, a project my husband and I came up with together.

I’ve seen similar options available in the market place but they seem to be missing what I was seeking, extreme durability and interaction with the ground.

Part of my gardening progress is because my beds have interaction with the ground.  I normally till the space before lying down a new bed and then I establish each raised bed with a combination of soil, natural elements, direct compost and animal manure.

I create a layer effect much like the popular lasagna technique.

The benefit for layering in the open ground welcomes the worms. They arrive just in time to help work the soil and as it compacts I just add more soil.  This lasts about 6 months and over the winter I will use leaves mixed within

If you keep feeding that soil with natural elements the worms will never leave because just like us they get hungry.  So basically we’re putting them to work making gardening a little easier.

This bed is simple and fun, it reminds me of toy logs.  Each layer connects together in the corner and you build upwards to your desired height.

A bed like this could be built in stages, by adding half the size the first season and adding additional logs as the seasons move on.

Every landscaping timber is cut to stack and each corner is like a  frame that interlocks without gaps.

The timbers have holes drilled at both ends where rebar is inserted as you build upward for additional stability.  The rebar application will help with impact through the seasons.

If you’re tired of extreme weeding and struggling to keep bermuda grass out of your beds then this style of raised bed will surprise you with neat results.

With the easy reach bed you can maintain problem garden areas by growing up and still have interaction with the ground.

It will take a lot of dirt to fill but if it makes gardening easier I want to throw in, that it’s worth the effort.  Long term you can enjoy gardening and problems are solved.

Remember when you place a bed of this size make sure it’s in the right area because moving it would be a hassle.

The easy reach raised bed really is a neat solution to remove that constant get up and down motion because we’re now gardening next to a durable structure at the hip.

Grow in taller in a safe raised bed that's open to the ground for a natural gardening experience. Check out this easy reach raised bed here. #TallRaisedBeds, #RaisedBedGarden



  1. Salt brinson says:

    How long and how wide is your raised beds?

    1. Carole says:

      They vary, most are between 2 and 3 ft wide and 4 and 8 ft long.

  2. Linn says:

    Hi! I just built a tall raised bed vegetable garden 4 ‘x8 ‘x 4’ and now I have to fill it. I have been thinking about putting gravel on the bottom and then a mix of compost, peat moss and vermiculite like the square foot garden. Any advice? Thanks!

    1. Carole says:

      Creating raised beds from scratch is the best ever. I would stay away from the gravel and leave the bottom open so the worm can come in and work for you. Layering with natural materials mixed in with layers of soil is my favorite. Things like small sticks are added in the bottom layer with leaves or natural debris if you have any available. Cover with a nice thick layer of soil the add in direct compost, animal manure if you have access and so on. The following links will be helpful for filling your beds.


  3. Jose says:

    Where can I get these landscaping timberw

    1. Carole says:

      Landscaping timbers can be purchased at any lumber yard like Home Depot.

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