Historical Upcycled Family Treasure

A couple weeks ago I found myself cleaning up the workshop in preparation for additional project space. This is when I came across something my grandpa Pete made; a handy carry box.

Pete was a quiet man and his life began in the northern hills of Italy; he came from a poor family and they raised their own food.

He brought those skills with him to this country and together he and my grandma established an amazing little backyard homestead.

When he retired much of his time was spent building.  This included a variety of projects from picnic tables, birdhouses, planter boxes, ladders and the list goes on.  I’m pretty sure his ladders are used at my mom’s house; they were built to last.

Grandma was blessed to have a handy man at her beck and call during those golden years.  Though he passed away when I was just twelve, I remember him as a thankful person who enjoyed the simple things in life.

As the years followed my grandma shared many stories of their life together.

I’ve mentioned before they raised their family during the depression. Their lifestyle or lack of during that time molded them to be strong people.

The drive to survive is what I remember from those stories. This makes me proud when I think of them both.

This box became a reminder of pure simplicity.  It was built to carry tools instead of wearing a tool belt.

His craftsmanship may have been pretty basic but do you agree he understood the value of using what you have to provide a need?

Historically recycling was a way of life.

In the 90’s up to now the activity of creating with those fun finds can be known as art.  Thankfully there have been many useful ideas that have transpired through the transition of reused materials.

What are my plans for this box?  It’s been traveling with me for a good 20 plus years.  Several years ago I actually did use it for my garden tools.

Earlier this week I found this box to be very handy while I was outdoors prepping for photos.  I had this box loaded with gadgets including my water bottle and camera.

Stepping back I smiled and thought wow, I have an historical upcycled project.  I guess creativity could be inherited?

Regardless this is a neat treasure that brought back some great memories.  I’m thinking it will be an excellent carry box for around the farm.


  1. june d erickson says:

    Once again you surprise me……………. Yep Grandpa Pete was a pretty plain man happy with what ever he had which wasnt much.
    Loved his family and enjoyed his grandchildren. He would of been so surprised to see all you have done. When we all meet together again He will have much to catch up on.
    God Bless you Carole, carry on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs mom

    1. Carole says:

      That will be a neat reunion… I think Pete was pretty happy with what he had, genuine humble soul who I believe had a pretty big heart.

  2. june d erickson says:

    Oh yes and I see you added a touch of your paint. I am gonna start calling you grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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